Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

No review of Halogen ovens can be complete without the smaller size 7 litre versions. They are becoming popular for people living alone, students for example or as an additional smaller cooker in a busy kitchen.




Available in Black White or Red, the Andrew James range of 7 litre halogen ovens are built with care to detail. Their top selling 12 Litre range  introduced many good features which are continued in their little brother model

  • There is a spare lamp in with your purchase
  • The halogen lamp is made to be easily replaceable
  • Design is simple, conventional and rugged
  • 2 uear guarantee given
  • The handle acts as the power switch, turning off automatically when you lift it
  • Good solid base and glass bowl


I did notice some of the feedback was critical of the controls for readability. Ok but really its only the pointers that are unclear, a simple blob of white paint would clear this problem up. C’mon MR James take note !

Having had an Andrew James model for a couple of years, I would be happy with this model, I know how well made they are compared to some others, They cook very well indeed. I would always prefer the hinged lid type, but I also had the conventional model for a good length of time, you get use to it. With any cooker there is an adjustment period where you will experiment and find out how it performs with your favourite recipes. I must say I found the  calibration of the cooker is spot on, the results I get are comparable to my conventional cooker and the heat settings are usually exactly right in most of the recipes I find online and in cook books.

For anyone living alone, this is a real boon, not only with speed, space saving but power saving too, over a year this simple table top cooker could save you a third of your bill over a conventional oven, especially when doing things like fish fingers, a single pre packed pie, small quantity of chips and many other simple meals.

The cooker is bundled with plenty of utensils, so you get cooking straight away, a set of Tongs a Low food grill a High food grill, Baking Tray, a Steamer Tray, an Extender Ring, Hot Lid holder rack and of course the spare Halogen Bulb .

What buyers of the Andrew James 7 litre Ovens thought…

Saves money on anything that needs to be cooked in the oven or grill – being an OAP ( pensioner)  it is perfect for just two !! no bending down to get out of the oven !! comes with the spare bulb what a great idea.

I bought this 7lt halogen for our caravan it is brilliant does all it says on the tin, was a small dint in the expander ring but a quick call to Andrew James and a replacement ring was on its way.

 It is great for keeping for warm too such as baked potatoes which cook lovely in the Halogen.

an exellent product,very good value for money. i no longer have to waste money pre heating my electric oven to cook my meals,just throw every thing in the glass bowl and bingo, cooked to perfection.









4 Responses to Andrew James 7 litre halogen oven

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      On Halogen ovens with a mechanical timer yes, set the timer and set your external ‘delay’ timer the oven should come on ok.
      On Halogen ovens with an electronic timer no, generally these default to ‘off’ if the power is interrupted. You would have to do a quick test to be sure.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Sadly the 7litre range seems to have ceased production. I am looking into sourcing these from the original Chinese manufacturer, so keep an eye on the website and have a look through our new store

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