Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

Newcomer Hometech have certainly got an unusual and very stylish looking cooker. This new model has plastic moulded sides and a removeable top, also plastic with two good hand holds. Although the view of the contents is not so good, the sides remain cool during cooking , so are much less of a hazard to the young and old users, most likely to burn their fingers. The power to the heater in the removeable lid is via a plug and socket in the handle, perfectly safe when apart , so removing one of the common problems, which is the power cord .

When new users with a conventional design of Halogen, remove the top , which is very hot ( and delicate ) they often forget that the power cord is plugged into the wall, and will snag it when trying to put  the lid to the side. This can cause damage to the heater or even burn the user.  I have long been a advocate of the hinged lid variety of oven, which does away with the problem of where to put the lid and the power cord issue. This new innovation by Hometech has addressed one problem certainly, although you still have to find somewhere to put the hot lid.


This model has more tricks, inside the slightly bigger than normal base ( 13Litres) you can fit a rotisserie,  a bowl or chip basket

What HomeTech Buyers Said:

I was so eager to use the airfryer i worked out how to install the basket and placed some fries inside and using the little spray bottle i sprayed some oil onto them, the button panel on top i set the item to the right setting and temperature needed to cook the fries. I confirmed my selection and waited eagerly watching the fries rotate under the light and after 18 minutes i had my fries perfectly baked. I used the oven glove provided and took out the basket emptied the fries onto the plate and they was absolutely fantastic. Each fry was cooked perfectly.

Really great arrived quickly and makes crispy fries and roast potatoes in no time


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