Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

What to get for a Christmas present for the nearest and dearest? Be original this year, the Halogen Oven is an ideal gift and once the lucky recipient realises just how convenient, efficient and quick it is for everyday cooking, it won’t be one of those gifts that end up in the loft, it will be used every single day.

send a Halogen Oven to a friend this Christmas

Very efficient and great results every time

If you glance through the pages of my blog you will find reviews for all the most popular ovens sold today, I have been using the Andrew James Halogen Cooker myself for over a year now, that is the winner of the best Halogen Cooker review and deservedly so. Is it the cheapest halogen oven, well not perhaps at the point of purchase, but over the year this reliable unit has proved to be the best value halogen cooker. After all, who wants to troup back to Currys or Argos on New Years day with a broken appliance?

I haven’t yet put the cooker on a metered test, but when compared to the microwave, the cooking time is shorter so it is certain to save me money over the long run and the best feature… the results are much better. Definitely the best value halogen cooker.

Being a workoholic, living alone, I find myself cooking ready meals all too often, coming in late from work exhausted, isn’t likely to suddenly lead to me spending hours in the kitchen. I can say 100% that the results in the halogen from a very simple meal, for example a roasted half checken with a french stick, far far exceed any ready meal done in the microwave. One problem of the microwave, the occasional ‘still cold in the middle’ yet boiling nicely outside, with things like Lasangne , has completely vanished, all food is thoroughly cooked with the Halogen cooker

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