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17 Litre Premium Halogen Convection Oven Cooker + Extender Ring


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17 Litre Premium Halogen Convection Oven Cooker + Extender Ring

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Item Description

What advantage does this Halogen Oven give me? First and foremost it can cook your meals up to 5 times faster than a conventional oven! You can cook anything in a halogen oven that you would in a conventional oven – at more efficient speeds! As if that isn’t enough, they are also a much healthier way to prepare your food; you will need a lot less oil but your food will still have all the flavour that you want. Furthermore, the ElectrIQ halogen oven has no heat up time, meaning your meat will heat up very quickly and will, quite literally, cook in its own juices retaining more nutrients and flavours than cooking in your traditional oven does.

Does it cook at different temperatures? The eletriQ Halogen Oven has exact temperature control and a fan to circulate the heat, therefore cooking all of your food evenly. As the halogen oven is fan assisted there is no need to turn your food or move it around as it cooks!

Can I cook anything in the eletriQ Halogen Oven? There is nothing you can’t cook in this halogen oven! You can roast, boil, fry and sauté anything up to 5 times quicker. You can broil lovely, juicy steaks in just 10 to 15 minutes (depending on thickness). Or why not try a tasty baked potato?!

What can I do with the accessory pack? Before we go into full details you need to know this is much more than a standard accessory pack! Firstly it includes an extender that makes the halogen oven big enough to cook a two course Sunday roast in one go! Additionally the pack includes a high and low rack that allows you to cook your vegetables and meat on different levels. It also includes a lid rest, tongs, skewers, steamer/fryer and a baking/fryer pan.

How easy is it to clean? To top it off, you don’t even need to worry about cleaning it after you’re done cooking. The halogen oven is self-cleaning, so all you have to do is add a bit of hot water and detergent, set it to wash and then leave to clean itself. As simple as that!

Fancy another handy addition? We’ve got another great little accessory to use with your halogen oven. The ElectrIQ halogen oven cooking bowl is ideal for cooking rice and even cakes in your halogen oven! Check it out here. (Cooking bowl sold separately).

Benefits you will love:

  • Cooks 3-5 times faster than a traditional oven.
  • Uses less energy, 8 times cheaper to cook.
  • Intense infrared heat means food retains more flavour and nutrients.
  • No need to defrost your food in a microwave or overnight.
  • There are no restrictions on how you cook, it can roast, boil, fry, grill, bake and sauté.
  • Exact temperature control allows slow cooking, slow roasting, patient simmering, oil free frying, flame free barbecuing as well as fast roasting and baking.
  • Space saving design – it won’t clutter up your kitchen.
  • Self-cleaning in 10 minutes.
  • Dishwasher safe bowl.


  • Temperature range: 125 – 250 degrees
  • Large total capacity of 17 litres (12 litres + 5 litres via ring extender)
  • Halogen heating technology and fan circulation system
  • Full accessories pack included: high rack & low rack to cook on two levels, lid rest, tongs, skewers, extender ring, steamer / fryer, baking / fryer pan
  • Safety Switch
  • 1400W max power
  • 60 Minute countdown timer
  • Long 1.8 meters power lead

Product Reviews

516 customers have bought and rated this product, giving it an average score of

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Ease of use 9.0/10
Value for money 9.3/10
Overall rating 8.9/10
Performance 9.0/10
Designbuild quality 8.7/10

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