Team VisiCook AirChef 10 litre Air Fryer

Wow what a new departure !  I was really impressed with the features and quality of build of this Halogen oven. It is unique to incorporate a rotisserie and a Halogen heater together.

The Team Visicook Unit is no longer available

but check out the Cooks Professional which has the same  features

Team VisiCook have created a really new product, powered by halogen element, the unit cooks as economically and quickly as any of our reviewed Halogen Ovens but there are two new innovative features

  • The oven contains a rotisserie
  • the cooking vessel itself is double insulated so its cool to the touch when in use !

plus it has the best feature from our top ten reviews – the hinged lid. There are actually more benefits of the double insulated body of the unit, the heat can’t escape so it has a higher top temperature than any of its rivals , it reaches the cooking temperature even quicker than its rivals and unlike any glass bowl conventional design , you won’t burn your fingers on the bowl. The insulation also cuts down on the noise, although most of our reviewed halogen ovens were quiet, this is the quietist yet.


Built in Rotisserie

The rotisserie can accommodate a wire drum, ideal for air frying those chips and any of a number of quick snack-type foods, cooking very evenly and in a tiny amount of cooking oil

It can also accommodate a spit roast fork, so Chickens and similar foods will rotate and cook perfectly evenly, no opening the top up to turn it around halfway. The execution of the design is perfect my only comment on the con side would be about the size of chicken that it will take, that’s really the only downside, perfect though for one or two people.

Best Safety Score

In use, the lid snaps into a lock when it is in the up position and requires you to press a button to release it, so forget those horrors on the shopping channels with the red hot lid and nowhere to put it, this is definitely the safest unit ever!

As the body of this unit is plastic, rather than the usual glass bowl, it is a good insulator and does not get anywhere near as hot to the touch as the standard halogen layout.

Ease of Use with a Digital Timer

Visicook have spent some time designing this as simple as possible. It has some presets for common menus , you can customise and set up your own times and temperatures.

You can program a delay, so you can load it up ready for hometime and it will be ready for you to serve up as soon as you get home.

No overcooking – you can’t forget to turn it off and burn your food, as all cooking is done on timer.

Download the Team-VisiCook Instruction Book

Visicook's Complete with all the Accessories

The unit is complete and ready to  roll with these included items:

  • dual height combi cooking rack
  • rod and forks assembly for the rotisserie
  • RotoFryer basket
  • tongs
  • cradle to rest the rotisserie or RotoFryer basket when hot

What the Visicook Customers Said...

This is exactly what i was looking for. I use a halogen oven all the time and to have a rotisserie too is perfect. The taste of rotisserie food is lovely and this method of cooking is quick and easy. Highly recommend and don’t know why there are not more versions of these ovens

unlike the more common glass bowl Halogens the insulated base on this one prevents the escape of heat therefore leading to quicker and less expensive cooking

Excellent, have not used my oven from the day I received cooker. Meat stays moist and cakes perfect. I use it every day


The Team Visicook is now unavailable, but following the same design is the Cooks Professional Halogen, with rotisserie, check it out here

12 thoughts on “Team VisiCook AirChef 10 litre Air Fryer”

  1. I have just recieved my new airchef. Can you advise if you need to add any oil if your making fresh chip

    • With pre packed processed frozen chips , they will cook without oil
      For fresh cut chips I would try adding just one tablespoon of oil , drizzled over the contents

  2. Thanks Jennifer, before I read your info here I had no idea there was such a machine as this. I purchased last week on Amazon and it is brilliant. If you are moving around the country like me every month…. its all you ever need!

  3. get your self a recycled spray bottle and add some oil. put your cut chips in a reasonable sized bowl

    and lightly spray the chips, allow to drain then add to your Visicook and cook as usual. put remaining oil

    back in spray bottle.

  4. I Have just purchased the Airchef am I able to do dishes such as curries, mince etc. if so do I put it directly into the bowl?
    There is also a leaflet advising one to. Add water, is this only when using the rotisserie only or when roasting and also when not using the rack

    • In my experience, always use a pan inside the oven, to cook currys and mince. The principle of “air frying” relies on circulating hot air, if you don’t use the wire racks to raise the food off the bottom of the bowl, the air will not be able to fully circulate and will not cook evenly. When steaming veg though, use some water in the bowl, then the veg in a steamer pan again raise this using the wire racks.

  5. The rotisserie on two of these has failed very quickly. Also If you make chips the slimmers world style the rotisserie drum removes the light oil coat on home made oven chips were low fat. However but it does work well with mcain oven style chips. Fantastic results with Chicken Nann bread..I would give it 6/10 even if you don’t get rotisserie failure.

    • Please send me a picture of the bowl, there are several different models
      Also the item number, its on a label near the power cord entry and begins with a “B”


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