Tips on Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

There is a simple fact, which when understood can help you lose that accumulated fat and choose healthier meals. The rate at which your body can burn off the calories is called the metabolic rate. To lose weight , you need to speed up the metabolic rate. One simple and tasty way to do that is to include some foods that burn calories faster in your diet.

Certain foods and spices work best. They tend to be the foods that heat up your body temperature, technically they are called thermogenic foods and they help your body to speed up the metabolism and burn off the calories so you lose weight.
Foods and Spices that Burn Calories Faster

Get your Metabolic Rate Up

Your metabolism can be stimulated up to a fifth faster by including Cayenne Pepper, this pepper has enormous potential in losing fat quickly. It can also clean fat from your arteries! Other hot peppers too can help, with meals up to 750 calories, leading to diet induced thermo effect ie raising your core temperature. Your body will react to cool down by raising the rate at which it processes the food. Chili powder has some of the same stimulants and is just as effective at raising your temperature.

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Why is this article being written on a blog about Halogen Cookers? Well its a sad fact that many of us are reliant on fast food, we are choosing convenience over health, over a long period that is very bound to make us lethargic, gain weight and it really need not be so. The Halogen can be a great tool to keep the fast element of ‘fast food’ but leave the unhealthy bits out! The way that the Halogen cooks is very effective at draining the fat from meats, but keeping the moisture in making the food taste great. It cooks at least twice as fast as a conventional oven and doesnt require the addition of oils or sprays used in normal recipes.

Avoid Diabetes

Cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and bay leaves are other additives worthy of mention
These have qualities which help you process sugars , in todays world where diabetes has become prevalent, its worth thinking about these simple spices which were known about and common years ago, but seem to have become forgotten now. Cinnamon use in particular will give your blood sugar balanced.

Ginger is a fantastic way to spice things up, this spice has been used since medieval times in China to aid weight loss. In tests the metabolic rate can be raised up to 20% using Ginger.

Garlic, used all over the world, new claims for the benefits of garlic keep appearing including those for your immune system, it will definately heat up your body making it a great weight loss aid.

Parsley: Use it fresh and chopped up in your recipes to aid the circulation increase energy and reduce water retention.

For those like me who never really liked eating their greens, maybe these few facts will change your mind. Cabbage (Ugh!) is one of the best foods for the gut. It produces things called probiotic enzymes in the lower intestine. Both the red cabbage and green variety have these properties, it leads to better use of the food in your gut and better getting rid of waste products. Think of it as food for a long and healthy life, many studies in Greece, the US, Japan and Uk have all concluded that the more you eat Cabbage the less likely is Colon Cancer and other related diseases.


Natural chemicals found  in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower boost the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA and may actually prevent cells becoming cancerous.
Brussel Sprouts are really high in vitamin C and richer in protein than any other vegatable, they also burn calories faster.

No Calorie or even negative calorie foods! These are the foods which take more out of you than you gain by eating them Celery, apples, cucumber and lettuce for example are very high in water and make a tasty salad.

Maximise the Vitamins

Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, fresh peas, need to be cooked fast and not overcooked. For this the Halogen oven with its steamer tray is supreme. Using this method and not boiling them, you will lose the minimum possible nutients and vitamins. Remember the school dinners with squidgy carrotts and cauli ?  We would of been better off drinking the water they were boiled in !

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