Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

5 Good Reasons to buy a Halogen Oven

You just have to look at all the advantages to know, it’s a really good idea.

No more bending down to look in the oven

bending down eliminated

Students best Choice

Halogen ovens are great for re heating or cooking fresh produce quickly and very economically. If you’re away in Student accomodation and the cooking facilities are limited, this will give you all you need and not burden you with enormous electricity bills.  Also students rarely have much room or storage space so the compact Halogen Oven is a great space saver yet full featured oven.

Convenience when Cooking

Halogen Cookers all have big glass bowls, ideal if the meal is to be cooked right up to the perfect point. With the clear visibility it offers and the fact that it is on the counter top, makes it easy to see when the cakes have risen and food is done to the turn.

Fast Food

These marvellous devices will rival a microwave for speed and you don’t have to buy food in special microwaveable dishes ( or waste money with chips in boxes ) Just use ordinary cooker ware, pyrex glass bowls, round cake tins or the racks provided with the unit.  With food prices rising year on year the Halogen looks better and better, you can cook small quantities very quickly and extremely economically. No wasted food, you don’t have to buy special pre prepared or microwave packaged food and there is no pre heating the oven, it reaches full temperature almost immediately!

Washing Up

When the cookings done, set the unit on “clean cycle” for 10  minutes with a couple of cupfuls of soapy water in it. The baked on grease will soon disappear, making washing up quick and thorough.


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