Beat the Rising Energy Bills

Britain and most of Europe is in the grip of rapidly rising energy costs and ever increasing food prices. Make sure you make the wise decision when it comes to feeding the family.

The Halogen Oven will :

  • Use less Electricity than any other cooking method
  • Cook faster than any other method – saving even more fuel
  • Cuts wasted fuel heating the kitchen- saving even more fuel
  • Cuts wasted fuel pre heating the oven- saving even more fuel
  • Always uses the timer- prevents accidental over cooking- saves more fuel-saves on wasted food
  • temperature control is extremely accurate – no wasted fuel
  • reheat your leftovers perfectly, making tasty and cheap meals- saving money on food bills  too
  • Over a year it will make a VERY  significant difference to your cooking bills


Doing a simple calculation using my friends ECO meter and monitoring the electricity used while cooking, even a very conservative estimate is 33%.   When you factor in the other  savings above it is quite likely that an average household could achieve 40% savings. A Telegraph article “Ten energy-saving tips you haven’t heard before”,  published about a year ago, quoted savings of 75% , but as with the highly sceptical comments left about other energy saving issues on the same article, I think the claims are over the top, more manufacturers hype than fact. The figures I worked out above, of 33% can be backed up by anyone with an electricity meter and a calculator.

Take a main meal Potatoes, peas, carrots or other vegetables , chicken and gravy. You would typically use separate pans for the potatoes and the veg, the potatoes would be boiling on one gas  or electricity ring on the cooker for a considerable time. The veg for a shorter time, but still using a separate ring. The chicken would occupy the oven for over an hour on high heat. So that is 3 heat sources using 1 KiloWatt each minimum. The cooker would throw a lot of the heat out into the kitchen, in convection and steam.

Cooking a chicken and veg in a Halogen Oven, as is described elsewhere on this blog, is very simple and very quick. It takes place in a sealed box, there is no pre heating required and very little heat escapes. The chicken is very well cooked, many comments we have received and can be seen on other websites will back this up,  it really does do a perfect chicken!

Repeat that every day for a year. The savings are clear to see.



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