Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie

A Truly Unique Design There cannot be many Air Fryers with such a distinct shape and design. Most just have a Frying basket or drawer, this one has a Spit Roasting spindle and a rotating fry basket. The new 2021 Cooks Professional Digital Air Fryer. The combination of a hinged lid and a safe-to-touch machine … Read more

Sanhoya Hinged Lid Convection Oven with Water Spray

Sanhoya Safety & Features The Sanhoya is one of the few cookers I have reviewed on the US side, that has the hinged lid for safety. It’s so easy to raise the lid to reposition or reload the contents.  This is especially important if the cook is elderly or infirm. The older design Halogen cookers … Read more

Michael James Hinged Lid Halogen Cooker

** OUR TOP RATED REVIEW ** Now… a halogen powered design with a hinged lid – a great safety feature Hinged Lid Design I have been a strong supporter of the hinged lid variety of Halogen cooker since the idea appeared some years ago, the advantages are plain to see, it is so much easier … Read more

Breville VDF122 Halo duraceramic

The new Breville has a new non stick ceramic  coating which is extremely tough and cleans  very easily. Duraceramic is free from chemicals  like PTFE and PFOA which are common in the manufacture of non-stick saucepans but can chip and flake off. As with the previous V104 series the bowl can tilt, for even cooking … Read more

NutriChef PKCOV25

The new NutriChef PKCOV25 Halogen cooker has a couple of unique useful and added safety features. If you’ve ever tried to lift a steaming, hot heater lid from a conventional halogen oven, you know the problem, the risk of scalding and it has to be put down on a special wire holder, which often skids … Read more

NuWave 20631 Pro Plus

Overall Impression Nu Wave have produced some super models in the past and this new one is no exception, the 20631 has digital controls in  the cooker top.   With safety in mind, they have retained a plastic dome cover, rather than the more common glass bowl. Especially for very elderly customers or those who are … Read more

Salter EK1950 Triple Power 12 Litre

Salter is a trusted name in Kitchen ware, going back a long time, believe it or not  250 years! Even though it is  mostly Chinese sourced ( what isn’t these days ) , they seem to have done a pretty good job with this oven.  Cook all your favourite foods with less fat using this … Read more

VonShef Premium Hinged Lid 12Litre 1400W

VonShef 12Litre Hinged Lid White Halogen Air-Fryer Oven

  Breakfast, lunch, dinner; this cooker has it covered! Roast chicken, fluffy rice, crispy fries, deep pan pizza – not a problem! The new VonShef model has the hinged lid feature for safe cooking

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Elgento E14020 Halogen Oven, 1300 W, 12 L – White

>Can Boil / Roast / Steam / Fry / Grill / Bake Hot Moving Air Circulates around the Food so it Cooks Evenly Can be Two to Three Times Quicker than Normal Ovens Uses 60 Percent Less Energy to Power than Normal Ovens 11 Litre Halogen Heating Element.

Ovation 1400W with Rotisserie 6.8Litre

I was immediately attracted to this Ovation model with the Rotisserie and  with a 3 year guarantee. It has the mixture of the hinged lid which is very safe and the manual dials for setting temperature and time, I noticed a lot of good comments about this model on the internet and with the roti, … Read more

4YourHome Black 1400W 12Litre

Making cooking a breeze with this amazing Multi-Functional Halogen Oven from Ovation supplied for Amazon by 4YourHome.


If you dread the thought of cooking a Sunday dinner – what with all the pots and pans and washing up afterwards – then here is your solution. This halogen oven has a high and a low rack included, so you can cook multiple foods all at once! Featuring an adjustable temperature range of 65-250°C, you can now broil, roast, bake, slow cook or grill your way to culinary perfection. 4YourHome have made an excellent job of including every accessory needed.

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Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer

The Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer is the latest in a successful line of Breville products. This one is definitely the most versatile yet. The ‘gimmick’ here is the tilt mechanism, instead of the paddle arrangement, which was sometimes a problem with previous products, the VDF105 has a rotating food compartment and a tilting … Read more

Cooks Professional Digital Rotisserie Air Fryer

The Cooks Professional Digital Rotisserie Air Fryer is sourced by the well known distributor and catalogue outlet Clifford James. The combination of hinged lid and safe to touch machine body, makes the Cooks Pro product a winner. The double cell construction effectively insulates the outside, making  it much less of a hazard in the kitchen. … Read more

VonShef Premium 7L Halogen Air Fryer Oven 900W

After a long absence the 7 Litre size halogen oven makes a return. Ideal for singles, small kitchens or as a handy addition to your normal cooker when you host a family event, birthday or barbecue perhaps.  All the speed and health benefits of Halogen, with this pint size version. Time Saving and Power Saving What … Read more

Charles Jacobs 1400watt Hinged Lid 12-17 Litre Halogen Oven

New out from Charles Jacobs ( about time ) a model with my favourite features, sorry to go on about it, but why isn’t everyone making Hinged lid ovens, it is so much safer than the old “take off” lid when its very very hot . The Specifications in brief Standard size bowl hinged lid … Read more

Igenix IG1190 6 in 1 Multichef Cooker

On the face of it, the Igenix IG1190 looks like a promising addition to your kitchen. Of smart appearance and a little more compact than some Halogen ovens, it does have some good design features which I have commented on before, like the hinged lid, a great safety feature. It has a conventional Halogen lamp heater in the lid, … Read more