Morningware HO1200M-WR

The Morningware HO1200M-WR Halo Oven is complete with an extender ring, which when fitted makes this the largest capacity oven in the review at 18 liters. It has digital controls for heat, timer, and fan speed  the powerful halogen lamp and the fan ( variable speed in this model ) The cooker top ( containing … Read more

Flavorwave Turbo AX-767MH

Flavorwave Turbo Oven AX-767 MH Weighing in at a very reasonable 17.8 pounds, overall dimensions are roughly the same as the other ovens reviewed – 15.1 x 15.1 x 11.2 inches , so check it will fit under any cabinets you have , before purchasing, having made this mistake myself, it is very annoying !  … Read more

Secura Digital 798DH

The Secura Digital Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Oven model 798DH is part of the current range from Secura and is a very good offer which  includes the extender ring, (taking the capacity to 17 liters), the Tongs and the cooking racks. This unit scores on a few important points, over the competition: Safety Variable Fan … Read more

USA Oven Reviews

2022 Update Hi and Welcome to our new top review section. The Halogen / convection oven market is now well established in the US and below is a summary of the reviews of the best current models. To make the reviews more rounded, I have now included some infrared convection ovens, the only difference being … Read more

Secura Halogen 777MH

The Secura turbo oven cooks food evenly and fast, saving time and energy costs. Very simple to operate just timer and heat dials to set. 11 liter capacity weighing 15 pounds and has a electrical spec of 1300watts. Comes complete with every accessory necessary including racks for cooking and lid rack, tongs and extender ring, … Read more

Breville Halo Fryer

A slight departure from the usual here, for folk who mainly use the Halogen for frying food, here is a unit combining the advantages of Halogen cooking speed and technology and its remarkable use of very little oil, only 5% of the usual amount you would use !   Requires only one spoon of oil–99.5% … Read more

Cooking Time Guide

Here is a very useful guide, when you are getting to know your way around the Halogen Cooker use these as a starting point – courtesy of Cook Shop TemperatureConversionChart

Future Cookers

Introducing the future – with nano carbon heaterAmazing specifications , heat control from 150 deg C to 250 deg C All digital control for heat and timer The nanocarbon technology will soon be here, this model by Sunpentown proved that it was possible to make a cooker with the new heater, it was available in … Read more

Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven

The Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven, 11 Litre capacity ( smaller than average) and with the extender ring this goes to 16 Litres.   Its electrical rating was 1400 watts. The build quality looked faultless at first, however it was too easy when using the extender ring to mis seat the lid – the heater unit … Read more

Charles Jacobs 12 Litre Halogen Cooker

Comes complete with quite a few accessories, probably the best selection we have seen to date free cook book extender ring lid holder low rack high rack forks frying pan tongs steamer The Capacity of the oven is the usual 12 Litres and with the extender ring this goes to 17 litres. It has a … Read more

FlavorWave Halogen Cooker

Marketed by the Thane Direct company, this is a conventional Halogen oven product, simple to use, normal thermostat and Timer with mechanical dial settings. Slightly smaller 11 Litre capacity than the others in the review and lower consumption. Pack Contains 1 x Flavorwave Oven Turbo 1 x Dual rack 1 x Low rack 1 x … Read more

Halogen Cooker Hints and Tips

Take care of your element If you have the type of Halogen cooker with a lid that needs to be taken completely off and you are not very confident about lifting it gently and placing on the somewhat flimsy lid-stands provided, especially as they are prone to go skidding around the worktop, a handy hint … Read more

Coopers of Stortford Halogen Cooker

One to consider if you have trouble moving things, this is the lightest Halogen Cooker we tested by almost 2 kilogrammes. Absolutely great price, it included all the accessories too. There were a number of comments found which would indicate that the element is not replaceable, not a problem under guarantee , the makers will … Read more

Clifford James 12 Litre Halogen Oven

This Halogen Oven is a very similar product to the others, although the lower wattage element reduces the top temperature of the cooker a little so slightly longer cooking time required.   Lack of Accessories It is delivered with Tongs and High and Low grill racks only . Other  accessories, Steamer and Frying Pan, lid … Read more

Which Are The Best All Round 2023 UK Halogen Ovens

Search our Halogen Oven Selector Table below for the one that suits your needs, your kitchen features, price, and size. Read our reviews on the top tech Discover and read our reviews of the latest Cookers with the best features Which new brand has a rotisserie built in? What is the safest design for your … Read more