New Crockpot DuraCeramic Digital Saute Slow Cooker is the Boss

This Crockpot, model CSC035 has a 20 hour timer and Digital controls.  With its tiny 220 watt consumption this is an ideal cooker for the winter of 2022, when our gas and electricity prices are going off the scale! Keep your bills at bay and come home to a super tasty stew with minimal effort … Read more

A Complete Beginners Guide To The Air Fryer

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to the air fryer, we will explore the wonderful world of air frying and provide you with all the information you need to know to get started. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or just looking for a healthier alternative to deep frying, the air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance … Read more

Tefal Electric Pressure & Multicooker

Although it has no Air Fryer component, the trusted Tefal name pops up frequently, this All in One model is a best selling product, I thought it was worth a look at its excellent features, in a competitive market, the price is going to make it  stand out Tefal Specifications 6 litre capacity (2.4L useful … Read more

Instant Pot Pro a Great Pressure and Slow Cooker

Instant pot makes a lot of models including:  Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10 in 1 Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11 in 1 Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Instant Pot Pro 10 in 1  This review is about the Duo Crisp model which combines an Air fryer and Pressure cooker The … Read more

Ninja Foodi OL550

This 2021 model does a really good job in almost all cooking modes. Economical in use against a standard gas or electric oven. Versatile in the sheer number of cooking modes and reasonably inexpensive to purchase Ninja Foodi 550 functions What can the Ninja do?  It’s a long list Pressure Cook – top speed … Read more

Crockpot Turbo Express

This is an electric pressure cooker. It does not have Air Fryer function, so it doesn’t  fully meet the criterion to be included here, but it is a very good and very good value unit in its own right. In these difficult times of rapidly rising energy costs, it is important to minimise the number … Read more

Find the best Multicooker for today

MultiCookers can perform almost all common cooking methods. Steaming, pressure cooking, baking, frying, boiling, roasting, slow cooking, searing, crisping, and dehydrating.  Like all such multipurpose devices, they are complex and expensive.  Do they represent good value for money? Yes if you use all the functions and do a lot of cooking.  Are the running costs … Read more

Beat The Rising Energy Costs Discover The Lowest Cost Cooking

2022 Gets even worse with spiralling costs Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine attempt is now in its seventh month. The price of oil is slowly on the way down, if it manages to go sub 60 dollars, then the Putin regime will be out of cash, as gas exports seem to be their only income, … Read more

The Philips Original and First Airfryer 9220

I first reviewed this one back in 2013 on “”  And…. its still a current model!  Safety When Frying Most of the comments from buyers included appreciation of the safety of the product compared to frying in a pan. Although less common now than a few years ago, frying with a pan full of boiling … Read more

How to Clean an Airfryer Heating Element

If you have experienced this, don’t worry its usually nothing worse than a build up of splatter around the heater. Basically the higher fat foods do produce a small amount of ‘splatter’ when cooking in the Philips range of airfryers. The heater area is difficult to clean, but the technique described on their website will … Read more

COSORI Air Fryer 5.5L: Your Ticket to Smart California Magic

Cosori Airfryer – If you want a well made air fryer, without the price of a Philips, look no further! Cosori from California has the goods Although small compared to a Halogen Oven, the Cosori’s 5.5L is enough for most things Easy Controls On the Cosori Airfryer Similar to the Philips Air Fryer, the layout … Read more

Klarstein 4 rack Dehydrator

Klarstein a German manufacturer, comes to the UK  with high quality kitchen appliances.  This food dehydrator is well made, functional and laid out, with sufficient guidance for even total beginners to get going fast. The stainless steel wire mesh shelves will last well very sturdy construction.   Well constructed, hardy stainless steel materials, big fan, … Read more

Cooks Professional Food Dehydrator 5 Tier

Cooks Professional have products in almost all my categories, dehydrators are no exception, this budget product has good specification and unless you’re a commercial operator, will work well for you over many years.   Just starting or experimenting…? Load one tray, or two…. Controls On the Tefal Easy Fryer Very simple Time and Temperature … Read more

Sous VideTools 6 Tray Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

The Quality of the SousVide Tools unit is obvious from the start. No cheapo plastic construction either in the case or in the 6 shelves.  Built to last, works quietly ( big fan ) and has a powerful heating element, thoroughly drying your produce.   The SousVideTools Food Dehydrator uses silent fans to circulate warm … Read more

The Air Fryer Attachment for Halogen Ovens

This is a device which you can add  to any halogen oven with a standard size bowl.  It fits between the heating element top and the glass bowl  It cooks chips like nothing else… perfect  Construction of the ring frame The basic framework for the air fryer is the standard extender ring, if you are … Read more

Tower T17076 Air Fryer

Tower’s 11 litre Air fryer is big.  With this, you can cook for a big family or event. The T17076 has some additions over the standard drawer type of Airfryer, like the Philips.  To evenly cook, it is recommended to change the racks around during cooking time. It has the facility to attach a rotisserie … Read more

New Safe JML Halowave Halogen Oven

Safety First This is a best seller in the Halogen Oven category, I think the design – using a plastic basket outside the glass cooking bowl is a great idea, from a safety point of view. Anyone with kids knows how dangerous the kitchen can be. With this product, little hands are kept at bay … Read more

Tower T17024 Digital Air Fryer

Tower T17024 Digital Air Fryer Controls On the Tower T17024   The tower appears to be simpler in design to the Philips and Tefal However it’s because they have combined the temperature and  timer up- down keys, to change temp, first change the toggle key to indicate  temp, then adjust with plus and minus keys, … Read more

New Tefal EY401840 Easy Setting Digital Air Fryer

Tefal’s Air fryer for 2022, is the Easy Fry Precision EY401840. Tefal is a UK company, well known and with a long history of good products.  The description ” Air Pulse Technology” doesn’t seem to be explained, at least anywhere in the manual, so it’s probably just promo-speak for a standard hot air + fan … Read more

Beat the Rising Energy Bills

2022 More Price Rises 2022 update : Since writing this is Nov 2013, we now have an even more threatening crisis, looming up.  Ukraine and Russia are in conflict, so Russian gas supplies to Europe may be completely cut off by sanctions forcing EU to buy in from more expensive sources.  After the effects of … Read more