Halogen Ovens and and introducing Dehydrators

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  • Richard says:

    I’m cooking a roast chicken today for the first time. As it is the first time I’m just doing sprouts and roast potatoes with the chicken. Do you have any advice on wether I should put them all in at the same time or start with the chicken and add the veg later? Any advice is welcome.

    • Jennifer says:

      A little experimentation will be needed to fully get to know your halogen. Although the power and size of different brands are very similar its amazing how different each model can be in practice. My own halogen oven produces the best results with Chicken and vegetables , when the chicken is cut in half, turn every 20 mins, try not to drip the juices onto the veg below and carefully view the juices for colour or monitor with a meat thermometer to make sure its cooked through. You can use the extender ring especially if you have a big bird, it will make the cooking time much longer, but prevents splatter in the element area and avoids overcooking the top. When turning the meat, place it off centre on its rack, then turn the bowl a third of a turn each time, this prevents any problem with hot spots! By noting the cooking time carefully you will quickly build up your own sheet of perfect cooking instructions for different dishes.

  • R.W.Rose says:

    Nice to have some use info, one thing I`d like to know is the noise level when cooking, no one seems to give this.

    • Jennifer says:

      I can say that my own appliance, the Andrew James unit is quiet in use, it wouldn’t annoy anyone. My friend, who first introduced me to these marvels bought a cheaper supermarket model and although you can hear it when the fan starts, I wouldn’t say it was obtrusive, in fact their kitchen is open plan with the dining room / lounge and they happily watch TV when its in use.

  • June Duffin says:

    Many Thanks, I was just about to throw our Halogen Oven out, so glad I didn’t, it only took my about 30 minutes to replace the lamp. Now its back to perfect working order and is used every day.


  • Phoebe says:

    Cannot get used to mine, cakes over cooked on top ,raw in middle, pastry overcooked on top, uncooked on bottom,. Cannot turn all items over to ensure cooking on the bottom, such as marangue which I tried this week. Things on top rack seem ok but have to be turned frequently. Finding it very difficult to adapt normal everyday meals to Halogen, for timing, temperature, and placement in the halogen oven. Wish I and never bought one!

    • admin says:

      I’ve heard this comment a few times, but just use the extended ring, it takes the heat source a little further away, reducing the overcooking on top, you may have to extend the time a little. Persevere! its worth it for the superb results the Halogen Cooker is capable of. Note that a lot of the hype including the manufacturers own descriptions, are often a bit too concerned about reducing the cooking time. Using the extender ring, my own cooking results have improved a lot, ok it takes 5 minutes more…

  • Susan wardle says:

    Can you give me a little more information on cooing times as o howling to cook with an average weight as I have just got a halogen oven

    Thank you


  • Richard says:

    I done it this way to the letter,and although the top was perfect the bottom wasn’t toasted.

  • admin says:

    Hi Richard,
    For anyone who likes Cheese on toast, a little more ‘crunchy’ , start with toast! Toast your bread lightly in a toaster first, then pop in the Halogen for 2 to 3 mins ( lower for brown breads) or until the cheese is completely melted.

    With Hi Bran bread or wholemeal brown and a 50:50 combination of cheshire and red leicester this is just…………… too nice …. a real diet breaker !

  • Mr Bee says:

    I agree, lightly toast bread first, and finish off in halogen…I usually warm my halogen up while the toaster is doing the first stage…I also put the roasting.grilling/frying dish or foil in the bottom to catch any rogue cheese drips and this also help to send the heat back up a little and helps to finish of the underside of the toast…as well as keep the floor of the over clean too…

    All in all a very pleasant and easy meal…

    Best wishes…

    • Jennifer says:

      Great tip Neil, thanks. Always happy to pass on ideas ,new methods and recipes that people discover and use.

  • Moorea MacKenzie says:

    We tried ours for the first time last night and although the chicken was cooked ok the potatoes and carrots which we added after the first 20 minutes were hard, dry and wrinkled. What did we do wrong? Not awfully impressed so far!

  • Yong says:

    Pls advise whether any side effect of using halogen where this is the same concept is oven when experiential prevent that after use of oven, cell of body will reduce. Harmful to body. Traditional way of cooking more safe? Kindly advisee as I tend to buy halogen oven

    • Jennifer says:

      As far as I know, there are no harmful effects generated by the halogen lamps ( or the infrared heater elements ) , actually the method of heating is very close to that of a conventional oven, though there is no danger of partially burnt gas fumes! Even the Halogens using plastic bowls, use a very inert form of plastic, which is unlikely to cause harm. Also very light and will not shatter into sharp fragments , which is sometimes a worry with the heavy glass bowl type

  • Marion Brooks says:

    I have had a Russell Hobbs halogen oven since January this year and am immensely pleased with it, always cooks to perfection and is well used by the family.
    HOWEVER I am very irritated with the quality of the display numbers on both dials, they have almost rubbed off we only use mild detergent and not aggressive in our cleaning, name= Russell Hobbs also worn off. I may be sound very fussy but I look after my Kitchen appliances and like them to look as good as the day I bought them.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Marion, yes i’ve seen some of the quality issues for myself, on several different models, it is unfortunately part of our throwaway culture, even if a new pair of control knobs are ordered, I doubt they would have been altered in production to be any more robust. Part of the problem is that the far east factories rush into production of new models so fast it becomes impossible to even stock spare parts for all but the most expensive models, so many are thrown away for want of parts costing only pennies….. It irritates me too !

  • pippa says:

    we bought a new halogen cooker and tried to cook various vegetables they turned out roasted what have I done wrong.

    • Jennifer says:

      Do you have a steam tray? That’s the perforated round tray, if you don’t have one, they really are very useful for vegetables. Simply put some boiling water in the bowl, the amount should be around a pint / half litre, top it up as it steams off. Put the oven on and return it to the boil then the veg is piled up on the tray sitting just above the water and cooks beautifully and quickly too.

    • Jennifer says:

      Anything you can use in a conventional oven, you can use in a Halogen Oven. If you are adapting a recipe written for a conventional oven, try initially reducing the cooking time by 20% and the heat by 30%, adjusting your settings depending on results, the Halogen cooks much faster than other types of cooker

  • clive says:

    I couldn’t agree with the author more, I used one of these cookers for over 3 years abroad in a climate, where it was just too hot to consider even turning on a conventional oven, this was fantastic, allowed me to do all my traditional roast cooking and loads more besides, in the end it was my primary go to, cooking resource, honestly, forget pots and pans. The one thing not covered here, but big where I was, was cooking from frozen, yes they do that too, follow the instructions, and you can cook a full (cheap) frozen joint from your local supermarket, while its still frozen, I can’t count the number of times I did this, perfect result every time, from the cheapest cuts. Try it out for yourself, you’ll be hooked. I’m back in the UK and I’m off to buy my new one Today!!

  • John Ratcliffe says:

    If you obtain two cake cooling trays (28 mm) and place one on the stand, it will prevent smaller food items from falling through. If you are cooking bacon, the second one may be placed on the top of the food and this prevents it from curling up.

  • sue says:

    Hi just cooked whole chicken and veg or 1and half hrs chicken was cooked enough but veg really crunchy I’m going to persiveer and get it right

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi John, For the best roast potatoes, try some or all of these tips:
      peel and cut in half along long side, try to use only medium size potatoes, par boil for 5 to 10 minutes first ( or give them a quick blast in the microwave for 5 mins) depending on size, dry off then make one, or a couple of slits ( with larger pots ) down one side with a sharp knife, about 1/2 the depth of the potato. Place in a roasting tin on the lower rack, try pouring melted goose fat all over for the best results, or olive oil also does great roasties, add salt n pepper to taste. Cook for 20 mins at 250 deg C, then reduce to 220 deg, for a further 40 mins turn all the potatoes regularly

  • angela says:

    Sue I just used mine for the first time…Chicken perfect but veg the same as yours, let me know if you figure it out 🙂

  • David Bowring says:

    Thank you for all your kind Support and hard work that you put in to help people like my self in to staying healthy I often forget but now I just keep refering back to your information to remind my self I really do appriciate your kind advise

  • John says:

    It’s crazy how more people haven’t caught on to halogen ovens isn’t it? Great website though, lots of tips for halogen oven users. It’d be great if there were more recipes that utilise the whole halogen oven, like big dishes.

  • billybass says:

    excellent my mother brought one of these halogen ovens cooks very fast well made and safe
    to use would recommend to buy one of these over the standard type halogen ovens

  • Mervyn says:

    I have recently bought a Andrew James Halogen & have been wondering about roasting potatoes below the meat. I have the extender ring & a rack from a defunct microwave which is lower than the high rack of the halogen so would it be ok to put the spuds in a shallow dish on this rack with the meat above on the high rack.
    Hope you understand what I am talking about & thanks for any help.


    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, if you use a roasting tin for the potatoes it should work as both the Chicken and the Pots are being roasted, its when you need vegetables steamed and a Chicken roasted together that you can cause problems with the veg not being cooked. Remember to turn the pots frequently. Some more tips for Roast Potatoes on the “cooking times” page.

  • nana says:

    do u have an outlet in Ghana? i want to buy one. since those we have on our market is the low rated one (JML)

  • Brendan says:

    Question rather than Comment;
    In the list of foods above you use names rather than weights, for example your size of whole chicken sa\y only “medium,” Is this medium small or medium large? I am cooking a chicken on Christmas Day that weighs 2.1 Kilos and cannot find any relevant time or temperature to use as guidance. Please help if you can.
    B J Owens

    • Jennifer says:

      Give a 2 to 2.5 kg bird about a hour at 190 degrees, turning half way through and then test every 10 minutes once its golden brown,to see that the juices are running clear when pierced with a skewer. Chickens do vary and my Andrew James Halogen is very quick compared to my previous model, there is really no substitute for experience gained with trial and error i’m afraid. So don’t experiment on Christmas day !
      Always leave room for the air to circulate, most of the failures where food isn’t cooked properly is due to the hot air not being able to get round all sides. When its done properly , the Halogen is unbeatably quick.

  • Derek Keeble says:

    Hi Just got cooker for xmas. Just cook some bacon for 12mins on top rack for sandwich, Bacon just aired when eating. Tested oven with a oven temp gauge, it took30mins to reach 200c and wouldn’t go above 205c is the oven faulty do you think?

  • jen says:

    I was thrilled with this as I cant use an ordinary oven restricted mobility.
    First all the numbers were rubbing off.
    then it got a bit noisey.
    then two white sparks and oh no : ( it’s not working the light no longer comes on.
    I really miss it and wonder if it can be repaired, also is it worth it?

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh dear! Not what anybody wants to happen. The sparks is most likely the lamp element blowing. I know several people have asked me about noise, mine is the Andrew James model that I highly recommend on these pages and I had a Supermarket brand model a couple of years ago, both have been very quiet and reliable, but it sounds like the motor is rumbling as well as the element failure, probably best to start again. Any competent electrical repair shop can replace the element and it should be a reasonable cost, but when the motor is also suspect, I have to say its time for a new one.

  • Lynne Lamont says:

    Thank you have just got one and have not got a clue! Chicken size – cooking time but this really helped give me an idea of timings etc.

  • David Taylor says:

    Hi Just bought a halogen cooker also and I also have no clue. But I would like to roast a chicken with veggies and you have both recipes but they are cooked separately (roast chicken and Roasted vegetables). Can I mix these 2 recipes somehow so I can cook them at the same time together? Thanks

  • L Grierson says:

    My JML was great when it worked but there were problems with the timer which does not like to be wound back. Then it impossible to get the cover fully off the bulb, when it needed replacing. The bulb did not pull out well and dislodged the wires so it was for the bin after about 2 years. I Agree with its very low rating and would not recommend this particular one.

    • Michael Reed says:

      If you read in the instruction manual it explains if the timer is set and the food is ready before the timer goes of you just leave the timer to run down never try to wind it back. I have the JML Halo wave halogen oven and it has been fantastic.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Mari,
      You will soon be able to receive my own and some recipes I’ve been given , straight to your email box ! Lookout for the Newsletter opt in at the bottom of the screen coming very soon.

  • Gary says:

    The Morningware Oven HO-1200 is a wonder. It works really well … when it works. I’ve had two of them fail on me at this point. The first stopped working after I had checked it out for a variety of uses: beef jerky (185 for 2hr 15mn), baked potatoes (400 for 1hr), and various meats and chicken at their recommended settings. Everything fine. But when it stopped working I contacted Morningware. Excellent, friendly service and help. A new head (the top part with all the cooking parts) came right away. Then came winter of 2013. I didn’t do any cooking in it for about four months. Today I started a batch of beef jerky. Set it and started it. Went to take a nap. Woke up with burning smell. The unit had apparently switched to its default of 400 degrees and everything was burnt to a crisp. But worse, the unit wouldn’t turn off, on, or pause. I unplugged it. Now the unit doesn’t work at all. Nothing. I wish it would, it did great work when working, but this is the second full failure of unit in about 2 years. I take this as not worth the trouble and cost. A definite “not buy” in my book. Back to regular oven and Cuisainart toaster oven. And I will now buy a dehydrator instead for the jerky.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Thanks Gary, The Morningware was my No 1 choice not so long ago, but following your comments and one other with very similar problems, plus the very good review of the latest Secura and especially the Fagor models in the US review, I have reassessed my top 10 results. I am pleased to hear that Morningwares excellent reputation for after sales service is still good.

  • KathyR says:

    I have just received my oven and I was wondering…it says TURN every so many minutes. Does this not mean that crackling on pork, skin on chicken, doesn’t go crispy? I see that alot of people say it is trial and error, but I presume as previous post says, 20% reduction in normal cooking time/30% temp works? Can anyone clarify?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      To make the skin a bit more crisp, turn once during the cooking time. Make the last 60% of the time , the normal way up ( breast up ) and you can try turning up the power about 10% for the last quarter of the total time. This will vary with the size of the bird, but the great thing about these ovens is you can easily see what progress is being made and adjust it , to exactly how you like it.

      • Dinah Thompson says:

        Buy a chicken in a bag, so you cook it in the bag…the skin is beautiful, trial and era …today I shall be cooking a £45 piece of sirloin for 13 folk…. never done it before…wish me luck! Merry Christmas to you

  • Irene Collins says:

    Please can you advise me which is the smallest and best Halogen Oven. 11litre is far too big for me.

    Many thanks

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      The 12L Andrew James with the hinged top measures , in centimeters 47.0L x 33.0W x 34.0H


  • Halogen ovens are absolutely amazing. You can cook anything in them, not only quick snacks. You can even prepare a Christmas Turkey and a leg of lamb in it. It is a magnificent appliance that comes with a lot of advantages.


  • Judy says:

    Thank you so much! I have been looking online all day long on these halogen ovens and couldn’t decide which to go with. Your website helped me decide on the no. 1 pick, the Secura Digital 798DH. A bit more than the Fagor (my 2nd choice), but I believe it will be worth the extra for what you get with it. Thanks again for helping me finally decide.

  • helen james says:

    I would like to know how you get things out of te halogen oven when you cook them in a bowl please and you wont burn I put a casserole in to cook and I could not get the bowl out as the halogen was warm please

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I agree and I eventually found a bowl with a lip that could be safely lifted out using the tongs that are commonly bundled with halogen ovens.

  • gemma says:

    Been lucky enough to have been bought a halogen oven which i had spoken about weeks ago
    Problem is :
    I’ve never ever seen one work yet alone use one
    Love to be able to use this halogen for a roast chicken and vegetables for family of 4
    Has anyone got any ideas
    How i use this ?
    How long it will take?
    Is there anything special i should look for so my dinner doesnt get ruined in any way?
    How do i set it all up and use for first time please as no instructions with this but my friend has e mailed the firm but sometimes people can help better then books / printed instructions etc but i am sure the firm will reply with the instructions that should have been in the box
    So the simplest instructions would be so greatfully appreciated
    Any advice in any way would be so very much appreciated THANKS

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      My recipe http://besthalogencooker.com/recipes/roast-chicken/ shows the best way that I have found. Obviously different makes and models will vary, the temperature and time are from my own Andrew James model and for the size of bird in the ingredients. Follow the basic steps and test as suggested. Once you get it right for your oven, you will get great , tasty results every time.
      Note: Try the chicken alone at first, although you can do other things simultaneously, it can be more difficult,

  • amanda powles says:

    I have a charles jacobs halogen oven and the bulb has gone, i love this oven but can’t work out how to get the bulb out in the first place to replace it, can anyone send me instructions please?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes it can, but by a good margin, the best way to cook chips is to get the air fryer attachment, they cook fast and evenly. Also with the chips needing moving around for best results, it makes it really easy to do.

  • Raul says:

    I am currently looking to buy my first halogen oven.. I am confused with so many in the market. would you be able to advise me the best quality ones with the best results?

    many thanks


    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      When I went to buy my own Halogen, I found every store or warehouse or online brand had very conflicting recommendations. I suspected that they were just pushing whatever model they had piled up in stock. I started making notes on each one and that’s how the website started.
      I’ve assessed both feedback from customers who have bought the ovens and my own experiences with the Halogen ovens to compile the review that is shown on the website. I took into account any common faults discovered by more than one customer. Quality of build, specifications, ease of use, safety issues with heat and with electricity. Now and then you will find a disatissfied customer, but you have to take a wider view, one off breakages, damage with delivery, electrical failure, all happen occasionally, that’s life, but you can’t condemn a product because of these. But if 3 or more people all notice that rust is building up in one spot, or the electrical contacts are sparking, then I’ll report it in my review of that product and if its serious I’ll say so, if not then I’ll reduce its rank in the results. So the review winners have a combination of the best specifications, best quality build and least problems.

  • Margaret Lamont says:

    What is electricity consumption like. Are they considerably cheaper than conventional ovens?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      The Halogen Oven is so versatile . In most cases users will cook a whole meal, with the meat and the vegetables together, so its easy to see that you would be saving fuel, since for example , you would have maybe 2 rings on the hob going for veg plus the main oven for the meat. Tests that we did here showed a reduction, over a months cooking of roughly similar items and amounts, of about 30%. Generally it will cook faster too, so the electricity is on for a shorter time. These two changes can add up to between 30% to 40% in most cases.
      Sometimes the Halogen comes in real handy as an extra oven to your conventional one, I can reduce the time I spend in the Kitchen at party time, but the advantage is, all the food can arrive on time, you don’t have to cook in batches. I am still learning new tips and tricks after having the Andrew James model for a couple of years now, as you get used to it, you will become more confident that the results will be good every time, so there are savings here both in fuel and in time.

  • Pat says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Can you pls. tell me if AJ halogen oven is compatible with Australian power rating standard of 230 Volts.


  • A Kidston says:

    I have seen a Bel Air 1200 watt halogen cooker 14 litres. It has a rotisserie function and kebab facility. Do you know this item ? Is it any good ?e

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      It may be a good product or not. When buying one, bear in mind spare parts, reputation of the manufacturer and is the manufacturer contactable, so many products found in discount warehouses and supermarkets are thrown away needlessly because one of these simple points is missed.

      For more buying guidance I wrote this article 10-things-to-know-before-buying-a-halogen-oven

  • yvonnemeeks says:

    i have had the halo fryer for a while now think its great but cannot find any recepies for it can anyone tell me if you just use it like a normal halagen cooker and can you use tin foil in it ?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      It uses the same principles so the temperatures and timings should be very similar to Halogen Oven recipes. If you go to my converting recipes page, you’ll find some info about changing temp and timing for the halogen / Breville Halo

  • sonya says:

    hi i have an elegento halogen oven and from what was said about the jml one it has the same problem with the metal ring near the bulb it looks like mine is aluminum and its white is there any way to clean it i have only used the oven twice an i did dry it off when i cleaned the oven so i do not know as to what has caused the problem if anyone can help it would be very helpful your sonya

  • mo toman says:

    I have just purchased the jml halo wave and have read your comments on it, is it really that bad that it didn’t get any points or was that for another model.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      The product on Amazon, which is supplied direct from JML, was first offered for sale 22nd April 2009, I can’t see a different model on Amazon or on the JML site, so as far as I know it’s the same model as we reviewed.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Simply the settings which are set up using buttons for plus or minus temp and time. The power of both ovens should be the same so use with the same settings.

  • Chris says:

    Hi ive just got the andrew James 7ltr halogen oven today and it’s bit smaller than I thought it would be ie the rack diameter. can you use both of the racks at the same time so for example cook a chop on the lower rack and chips on the higher rack as it looks like it would be too small to put both on one rack.
    Also I have ordered a pizza oven mesh to turn it into a air fryer as they don’t do an air fryer accessory for this size.

  • Anne hall says:

    This is my 4th halogen oven & I wish I had opted for a non-digital cooker.
    The instructions are sketchy & the cookey book it came with is not very useful with a digital machine.
    I have tried the Internet,but no help there.
    Will have to persevere with trial & error again.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi, If there is a specific query on the instructions I will try to help. The digital models are usually no worse to operate than the older dial types, but are certainly better when it comes to giving repeatable results with baking cakes etc. And …. no pesky numbers to rub off on the dials, which is a really common complaint. If you start off with settings applicable to a fan assisted oven, you won’t go far wrong. My next article is a conversion chart for standard recipes to use in the Halogen Oven, so I hope that will help you.

      There is no shortage of cookery books like Paul Brodels for example, on Amazon, you will see my favourite books in the side column on any of my recipe pages, all of which are quite cheap. They may even be available in Kindle version.

  • Mowjo says:

    Hi Jennifer! firstly thanks, this site is very good for those new to Halogens and those of us that have had one for a while, I bought my first one after tasting a chicken cooked in one and must admit it’s the main thing I use it for, but I have used it to cook full roast dinners, I noticed a few comments on Cooking times for chickens, I’ve done small ones and large ones and tend to give them the same amount of cooking time, I do them for 45 minutes breast down then 45/55 breast up, on 180deg, I actually find it’s pretty hard to overcook chickens, I accidently cooked a small chicken for two hours and it still came out tender and juicy, if your doing roast veg in there with the chicken and it starts to look done before the chicken I just take it out and put it back in for the last ten minutes of cooking, with most other stuff I just stick to the recommended times on the packet, the saving I find comes from not having to heat an oven up for 15 minutes before you can use it, though I have read you can reduce the cooking times with halogen, my lastest one arrived today which is why I ended up here lookig for more things to cook, my new one has a rotisserie basket for chips and stuff plus prongs that fit the bar for rotisserie chicken, it was on special on one of our shopping channels and I couldn’t help myself, looks like chicken for dinner today.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      On Halogen ovens with a mechanical timer yes, set the timer and set your external ‘delay’ timer the oven should come on ok.
      On Halogen ovens with an electronic timer no, generally these default to ‘off’ if the power is interrupted. You would have to do a quick test to be sure.

  • Hilary Scott says:

    Just received my first halogen oven. Can you use roasting bags for chicken etc or is the meat best left uncovered?

  • Anthony says:

    I have recently been given a Halogen cooker. Question: Can I make a pot roast in the actual glass bowl or do I have to put it in a casserole dish? I want to do do a piece of Brisket and slowly cook it in a rich gravy — does this all have to go in a dish or can the actual bowl be used to cook the pot roar.

    many thanks,


    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      No, use a casserole dish to sit inside the halogen bowl and place it on the lower wire rack, trying to cook it in the main bowl will be very unlikely to succeed.

  • Gina says:

    Thanks for the tip about lightly toasting first.
    I bought a Pyrex plate from a Pound shop and it is permanently in the bottom of the bowl to catch any drips.
    The feet of the racks are on the bottom of the bowl so it’s just a case of buying the right sized plate.
    Being disabled I love my Halogen Oven. No more bending down to to remove food from a conventional oven or cleaning it. Spread the word.

  • Pauline Webb says:

    I’ve had a halogen oven for some time but not used it much as the meat seldom cooks through. I’m hoping your recipes will solve my problem. Can I cook casseroles directly in the bowl or must I always use an extra casserole dish? And can the whole meal be cooked together when doing meat/poultry and veg? I’m also confused as to which rack to use.
    Looking forward to your response in due course
    Kind regards

  • pauline pietrzykowski says:

    Just bought a halogen oven to tak on holiday. We have a motorhome and although it has a fitted oven we do not use it as it situated above the fridge and I need to be at least 5ft 10 to use it safely ( I’m only 5ft 4), so this oven seems to be the ideal alternative. Have just tried cooking a chicken. Put it in a roasting bag together with some herbs and spices. It is DELICIOUS! Need to know how to cook veg to go with it

  • Monty says:

    I am about to purchase my first cooker. I see you talk about turning the item you are cooking. With that in mind should I get a hinged one or without. I must take into account I am 84 years old and would not burn myself.

  • Ruth says:

    Hi using for first time — help — with the chicken do I just place it in big glass bowl & do or don’t I add water thanks in advance

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      If you are just roasting a chicken , use the wire rack to cook on and the extender ring is useful especially if it’s a big bird.

  • Dave says:

    Am 73 years old. man. Just brought an halogen oven. Are there simple recipes for an old fella like me.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Turn to any of the recipes on the website and check the side bar. I like Paul Brodels Halogen Cooking made simple for its range of recipes and simplicity.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      There are 2 questions here:
      you can cook from frozen see cooking from frozen

      Reheating – always be careful to get leftovers hot throughout. don’t reheat it more than once and be especially careful with chicken. Usually if I’m having chicken leftovers I’ll serve it cold the day after only ( on day 3 Chicken should not be eaten ), don’t give those nasty bacteria time to multiply.

  • Philip Harrison says:

    I have a charles jacobs halogen oven and the fan has stopped working . Is it possible to get a replacement fan

  • Sheila Tanner says:

    Used the extender to cook Sunday roast – yummy ….. BUT CAN’T LOWER THE LID!!
    It seems to be totally stuck.


  • frances campbell says:

    I want to cook mini quiches – bacon and onion in my countertop halogen oven. Should I use ordinary cupcake tins or something else, do you have miniquiche recipes I could refer to

  • mrs e moore says:

    I have just recieved my new airchef. Can you advise if you need to add any oil if your making fresh chip

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      With pre packed processed frozen chips , they will cook without oil
      For fresh cut chips I would try adding just one tablespoon of oil , drizzled over the contents

  • Ecaterina says:

    Hi. I don’t like to push my opinion. However, this review helped me to decide to buy or not to buy the halogen oven. I did and since then I am a totally happy customer. Everything is cookable and there is no smell and extra oil. The family is happy and the food is more tasty. Easy to clean, faster to bake. Would advise to anyone.

  • Keith says:

    Can a meat thermometer be left in raosting Joint while it is being cooked in a Halogen Oven ?

  • L j strike says:

    Hi I desperately need to have an answer,

    Does the NuWave 20326 pro. Need an adapter to convert from USA. PLUG TO. British plug,
    As it is manufactured outside of the United kingdom,

    Or does it just plug into a British home wall plug, URGENT ANSWER PLEASE I am due to receive mine from Amazon on Friday,

    • Jennifer Ashe says:


  • Marty says:

    would you by any chance know where this is sold in the USA? Not sold by Amazon US and too expensive to purchase from Anderw James UK because of shipping costs

  • UK says:

    I have brought some frozen chicken breast.The instructions state that i should cook for 45-50 minutes at gas mark 5 in a conventional oven.
    In your opinion what temp and and time should they be cooked in the halogen cooker.
    I am intending to put 4 chicken breast in.


    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I recently made some chicken in breadcrumb, so a similar heat and time setting would be ok
      Dust in flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs cooking on the lower wire rack for 20 minutes (fresh) or (25 min from frozen) at 400F ( 200C )

  • ann says:

    Ive purchased the andrew james digital oven and the instruction manual and recipe book says you have to pre heat the oven i didnt have to do this with my old one as it is instant heat so could you tell me why i have to do this with andrew james

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      My guess would be that it is a recipe transcribed from one using a conventional cooker. I’ve used Halogens for a few years now and never needed to preheat. The halogen lamp gets the oven, which is a very small space, up to full working temperature very very quickly, in a matter of seconds.

  • I bought halogen oven from jml but, after using it for a while the bulb blew up. I bought another one and the same thing happened. I called the customer service to find out what can be done, i was told to purchased bulb from them and fixed it myself. I couldn’t do it so both of them are now lying wasted.

    • Janet Blann says:

      Do not buy a JML Halogen Oven. I have the older model. It is 15 mths old. I ordered a new bulb and it was extremely difficult to change you need an electrician or competent DIY er. It then stopped working after a couple of days and had to redo the fitting of the bulb. Now it has stopped working completely so have to throw it away after 15 mths!! No help from JML at all. They have now stopped making the bulbs!! I have a 2nd Halogen and bought Andrew James, so much better.
      No more JML products for me!

  • Zora Haines says:

    I was given a Morning Ware HMO 1200 but there is no manual. I’ve search Google for one, but no luck. Do you know where I can get a manual?

  • chaitanya says:

    i just bought a New halogen oven from Highlander company in Australia. It is a brand new and as i switch on the oven, the halogen light is not burning. is my oven a manufacturing defect? i would like know.

    thanks in advance.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes it sure sounds like it. Check for any signs of mishandling? Any marks or dents in the packaging ? Although not extremely robust, the halogen lamps usually stand up to normal postage handling ok.

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Jennifer, before I read your info here I had no idea there was such a machine as this. I purchased last week on Amazon and it is brilliant. If you are moving around the country like me every month…. its all you ever need!

  • Carl says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this web site
    needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through
    more, thanks for the information!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I too want to thank you for your review on which are the best halogen ovens. There are now so many so trying to decide which one to buy, and why, leaves your head spinning. You simplified the process and based on your reviews I purchased the red Fagor for a great price . I got my Brother the Big Boss (his decision not mine) based on reviews.

    I have bookmarked your pages and will come back again. You have lots of great information and of course I want to check out the recipes. 🙂

  • bert says:

    get your self a recycled spray bottle and add some oil. put your cut chips in a reasonable sized bowl

    and lightly spray the chips, allow to drain then add to your Visicook and cook as usual. put remaining oil

    back in spray bottle.

  • Irene says:

    I Have just purchased the Airchef am I able to do dishes such as curries, mince etc. if so do I put it directly into the bowl?
    There is also a leaflet advising one to. Add water, is this only when using the rotisserie only or when roasting and also when not using the rack

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      In my experience, always use a pan inside the oven, to cook currys and mince. The principle of “air frying” relies on circulating hot air, if you don’t use the wire racks to raise the food off the bottom of the bowl, the air will not be able to fully circulate and will not cook evenly. When steaming veg though, use some water in the bowl, then the veg in a steamer pan again raise this using the wire racks.

  • LindaJo says:

    I love this cooker but there is not a lot of recipes out there – The only thing I have cooked in mine is roasted chicken I just put an onion and lemon in the body of the chicken coat it with olive oil and sprinkle chicken season on it – my granddaughter will only eat the chicken I make in this cooker.
    it is amazing just wish for more recipes.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Put the casserole in a dish inside the halogen bowl on the low rack, not directly in the bowl which is very unlikely to work! Then cook just as you would in a conventional oven

  • Rick Brown says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I have been looking at a Stir Fry /Turbo oven to roast my Green coffee bean in. I have been told by others
    that the oven works very well. I have been reading about your Halogen convection oven above. My question
    is, will it work for coffee roasting as well. I know it was not made for just that but, will it work any way.
    Please write back soon.
    Thank you;
    Rick Brown

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Anything you can do in a standard gas or electric oven, you can do in a Halogen oven, quicker ( and cheaper )

  • Ms Kay Geeone says:

    1. Where to buy Andrew James premium Infrared Super Wave digital Oven/ Cooker with all the accessories advertised (high & low racks, Tongs, Extender Ring, Skewersx4, Toasting Rack, Baking & Steaming trays, Rice & Cake cooking dishes and Lid stand), and spare bulbs with an Air Fryer for 37.99 pounds sterling in Mauritius, UK or India. Is shipping free in UK & other places ?

    2. What is the weight of the product?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      In the UK just use Amazon.co.uk order online from any of the links down the sidebar or on our product review pages. In my experience they do a super job of customer care getting the product delivered in one piece, on time, with easy payments online and if anything isn’t as it should be there is no fuss returning it.
      Weight information, if it was available when I reviewed the cooker, would be included in the review page.

  • Jan says:

    Just purchased one, can anyone tell me the best way to clean it? As the instruction booklet says press the sanitize button, but the buttons are marked as sterilise and clean!

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Don’t worry, it’s the same. The self clean aspect uses the swirling air current to whisk the soapy water round the bowl to get off the major cooking mess from the bowl. You’ll need to clean the heater head, by hand with a soapy cloth. The bowl can also be put in the dishwasher.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Almost certainly made in China. Today’s products from China are a far cry from the early imports though. Thorough checking on product quality during manufacture, plus vast improvements in design have brought quality up. Some of the products on our site are designed in the UK then made in China.

  • Diane says:

    Can l use high rack and low rack together?For anyone interested you can buy direct from Andrew James Bowburn Co Durham we just have

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      One of the great features of the Halogen Oven is the high speed fan. Because it swirls the heat around so very effectively, the food is cooked evenly. This happens in all areas of the cooking bowl, as long as the food is open to this fast moving hot air. So yes, you can use the high and low racks together , as seen in one or two of the recipe pages on the site.

  • Simon Brooke says:

    I am disabled and, not being able to prepare fresh meals, rely on microwave “ready meals” for all my hot food.

    Unfortunately most of the “ready meals” available from my local supermarkets are not microwave friendly, as they come in metal containers.

    Am I right in assuming that such “ready meals” will cook well (and brown where necessary) in a halogen cooker, and should I take the cooking times from the packaging, or adjust the times for the halogen cooker?


    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Simon,
      Absolutely. The Halogen cooks ready meals very well, follow the packet instructions and it should be fine, if there are any instructions for “fan assisted” oven, then follow those.
      I have found that some ready meals done in a conventional oven need slightly over cooking, to be properly ready to eat, those with potato in particular ( nothing as horrible as biting into raw spud!! ) . However in my Andrew James model, I follow the times exactly and it comes out perfectly ready.
      As usual experience will find out any anomalies, so once you’ve found your favourite ready meal, stick to the same brand and refine your settings each time.

  • Maria m says:

    Hello, I had a halogen oven which has now died so I have ordered a new smaller one. The previous one ended up being splattered in fat from roasting which I found really hard to get off once it was burned on, even with oven cleaners. Do you have any tips to stop fat splaterring from say roasted veg? Maybe I need to use less oil. Thanks

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Although it will take a little longer to cook, I use the extender ring a lot, when I cook anything that splatters a lot. During cooking I’ll also take an opportunity, when turning meat over for instance , to do a quick wipe round the heater top with a wet cloth.

  • Deborah McBay says:

    Please can you tell me if your halogen ovens are fan assisted, I have a german one that I have had for nearly 20 years and it is still fantastic, but my daughters bought me a newer British one and to be honest it is rubbish (not one of yours), it has no fan and after just three months the inside of the lid went rusty. I want to buy another one as I use them more than my conventional oven and at xmas it allows me to cater for many people, but I am not prepared to buy another without a fan

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Deborah
      The FAN and the HALOGEN heater are the two main elements of a Halogen Oven. All the ones I’ve reviewed have at least these two things, some have rotisserie built in or some other feature, but the combination of Fan and Halogen is what makes this product so great for cooking.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      You will need a 38cm X 38.5cm space on the worktop for the AJ model, which is pretty standard size wise

  • Benjamin Booth says:

    Iown a Sharper image oven, but I have misplaced the manual that came with it. Where can I get another manual?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Benjamin,
      It took me a while but i’ve now added the manual to the webpage for you to download.

  • Carol says:

    I love this oven ideal for elderly cooks no bending for conventional oven easy to use and easy to see items cooking brilliant and best results ever for oven chips I would highly recommend this oven

  • Gloria says:

    Great recipe to try but unsure whether to put on high rack or low one, it didn’t say.
    Also if I follow normal recipes do I have to either reduce the temperature or time? Or do I change both.
    Can you please help me with this, I have had my oven for several years and really want to make better use of it.
    Kind regards,

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      When I last baked these it was on the lower rack and without the extender ring . I always try out new recipes reducing time and temp by about 10%, mine was in an AndrewJames model and worked out first time producing the best scones i’ve ever made ! but if not cooked through, adjust the temp back first.

  • Anne Coles says:

    Please can someone tell me if I can cook frozen meals which need to be cooked from frozen in my Andrew James Halogen. Many thanks.

  • gerald howard says:

    am from Canada and purchased the Andrew james oven can anybody tell me what I need to make this oven work as the power cord end does not fit our wall sockets , is convertor needed if so what size or can I just by cord end and change that or get a adaptor. Please help me

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      DO NOT USE !
      Canadian household electricity supply is 120 Volts so a UK standard ( 220 volt) appliance is just not going to work , the display may light up but the element will not emit enough energy to cook.

  • Paula Williams says:

    I am new to cooking with a halogen oven. The first time I cooked a ham and it came out great. Then I tried a quiche. I lower the temperature to as you said but it would not cook completely. I did use the extender ring so it would be easier to remove from the oven. The first time I went to take it out it was still runny inside so I put the temperature up to 300 and cooked it longer. I finally had to place it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Last night I was making some scalloped potatoes and prepared it like the box said. I put the temperature at 375 and set it for 20 minutes. It was not done. I raised the temperature to 400 and cooked it about 10 minutes longer but it still was runny. I finally put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. What am I doing wrong?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Have you placed the dish on a wire rack? It needs the hot air to flow round the dish, completely. When it is sitting On the base of the bowl it will produce this uneven cooking effect.

  • Mabel D. says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Please what types of ware can be used in the halogen oven? Metallic or ceramic etc?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Often asked, no problem, anything you can put into a conventional oven, you can use in a Halogen oven.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Like all good chefs, you have to try it out, these things get better as you gain experience with any new appliance. Start from the instructions given on the packaging, typically ASDA and Marks & Spencer for example will give one time length for frozen and another from thawed. I would reduce the total length by say 10% for the Halogen Oven and check with a skewer or thermometer, to make certain the centre is cooked, before serving. This will vary a little from pie size, shape and quality of product, only experience will give the perfect time.

  • jane deguara says:

    Hi i just got my Halogen cooker yesterday, can you cook without using the wire racks please..?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes, but you must ensure the hot air can circulate around the cooking food, otherwise the result will be very uneven. Promotions and Adverts for Halogens frequently show an over-full halogen bowl, with veg around a chicken, it Won’t work, as the hot air cannot get to all parts.

  • James says:

    Is it a general rule for how long you cook stuff I.e. if a beefburger says cook for 15 minutes what percentage of time do you reduce the cooking time by

  • Derek says:

    Will i be able to cook frozen ready meals that come in a plastic tray that is oven & microwave safe. i suspect that the settings to use is the same a fan oven am i right?.

    Thank you Derek.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Correct. The Halogen is perfect for this range of ‘ready meals’ . Depending on the power of your oven you may have to reduce the time a little. Having said that, I find that some vegetables , mainly potato, used in these prepared meals, need slightly longer than the instructions indicate, I’ve had a few from Tesco recently that needed a good extra 10 minutes.

  • janine babb says:

    I’m making a pork roast in the fagor halogen oven. Is it ok to cook it in a large baking bag, like you’d use to bake a turkey in?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Generally anything you can put into a conventional oven, you can use in a Halogen Oven

  • In fact, during storage, the vitamin A content increases, making them
    a great source of heart-healthy nutrients. What if
    you could just choose items already in your pantry andd improvise a delicious,
    nutritious, quiick and easy mezl efery night of the week.
    Here is a list off some of the healthier cooking oils available in the market.

  • Lee Dalton says:

    Great oven. Cooks every thing great!
    HOWEVER The metal mon stick pan that came with it is bad! The non stick comes off if you touch it and will float off if put in water. I need to find one that works. HELP

  • Carol says:

    Can I use the cook in bags in the halogen oven. A lot of supermarkets are selling the chickens in these bags so you can put them straight in a conventional oven.
    Thank you

  • Philip Price says:

    The rotisserie on two of these has failed very quickly. Also If you make chips the slimmers world style the rotisserie drum removes the light oil coat on home made oven chips were low fat. However but it does work well with mcain oven style chips. Fantastic results with Chicken Nann bread..I would give it 6/10 even if you don’t get rotisserie failure.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Thanks for your feedback Philip, its always good to see independent and real customers comments.

  • William Deckard says:

    You say to purchase one with a top heat of 250 degrees. Just got a VonShef 1300 Watt Halogen Oven 2 days ago that shows their heat range as 32-480F degrees. Another site had the same comment as you. Both are UK sites and am American. Also, I heat up already prepared frozen food from Schwan’s food delivery. They don’t have recipes for the Halogen, just microwave, steam, deep fryer and oven. Any suggestions on heating this kind of stuff up? Also, they have frozen fries to heat in a regular oven, Do I use the Halogen with the same settings and on the top rack? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi William,
      I wish it was simple, but foods and especially prepared foods do vary a lot, but after a little experimentation I’m sure you will find your Halogen perfect for the job.
      Go initially with the settings for a conventional oven, if they have instructions for a fan oven, even better. A halogen closely resembles a fan oven, but because it cooks with IR
      and with radiant heat as well as air convection it does the cooking much faster, so simply reduce the time by say 10% and test it. If cooking from fresh ingredients you can make small changes, such as making a cut or two into the stalks of your vegetables which will make cooking more even, wrapping cauliflower, broccoli, etc in foil with a little water sprinkled inside then sealed, cooks perfectly.
      I’ve done a few posts on fries ( chips UK ) . They cook well in a Halogen, I use an air fryer attachment and find that the very best method, but on the top rack is fine, just experiment with the cooking time a little.

  • PAMELA says:

    Hello, I am a single pensioner, I have quite a small kitchen and I am thinking of buying a halogen cooker.
    Can i use it for just warming food up in, i,e sausage rolls, soups, beans etc etc ? I often buy a ready cooked take-away from a supermarket, I don’t seem to actually cook a lot, I am not to keen on micro waving either, Can you recommend that a halogen cooker would be beneficial for me please ?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Absolutely YES a halogen oven is perfect for quick snacks, for warming up left overs and for cooking for one person.
      A conventional oven may be fine for a family but is very wasteful of gas or electricity when used for small meals.
      A Halogen Oven needs no pre-heating and frozen foods can be cooked without defrosting. Unlike the microwave things cook properly and brown just like in a gas or electric oven.
      Also cleaning up after use is very simple.
      If you like the hinged lid idea the Andrew James model is what I would recommend. If you want simple then have a look at the Tower model

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes you can even out the cooking by partially covering thin parts like legs ( chicken ) or stop the top burning. It has to be done quite firmly though, as the fan is very powerful, compared to a fan oven.

  • tom says:

    i buy pleated cake tin liners and make them flat with the palm of my hand,
    i then drop it into the base of the glass bowl, all the grease drops onto the
    liner, after a few meals have been cooked i just lift it out leaving the bowl spotless.

  • Tina Hanley says:

    Can the fan on the andrew james digital halogen oven be replaced it has light and hezt but cant hear the fan going any more thank you tina

  • Mike says:

    Your cooking times for beef are way over the top! We like rare/ underdone beef if we were to cook for that long our joints would be ruined!

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      The guide is just that…. a guide. As with all new things, you have to get used to how your oven cooks and consider how you like your meat. With a little experimentation the Halogen will produce top class results every time.

  • Patrick Robins says:

    Andrew James just resupplied me with a replacement 12 litre digital halogen oven because I was a week or two inside guarentee and the electric fan motor failed. They could not tell me where to buy a new motor or even better motor. They simply sent a complete new oven. That was very good of them. BUT I still want the motor. I searched the web for days… new Fan Motor Halogen Oven replacement

    I have found the motor – See below web site. It is this – (Actifry Motor » ) (Steam cooker) –

    motor 220V – 220-240V – 50Hz – 15W – Class B – Model No: ZL – YJF6016C

    Will cost about 18 Euros – supplier is in Athens… and about another 8 Euro to ship to UK –

    BUT from China where it is made it is about $2.50 to $3.50 plus shipping – YJF6016C-80
    Brand Name: DONGLONG –

    Minimum Order:50 Pieces

    Price/Payment: US $2.5 – 3.5 / Piece – […]

    Shade Pole Motor( SITO-YJF6016C) –

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      To get the current, divide the wattage of your oven by the mains voltage 220.
      So the average oven at 1400 Watts/220 is about 6.3Amps.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      You can use anything that is approved for an ordinary cooker, ie. will withstand the heat.
      Some plastics can give off low levels of fumes, so I personally don’t use anything plastic. I am even hesitant to put ready meals in their original plastic containers in the microwave, even though the makers assure us that it is safe!

  • Bea Crimi says:

    I had been given a Morningware Cooker, just getting around to use it would love to have some recipes to cook in it as I don’t have any paperwork for it. I downloaded the manual. If there are some good cookbooks out there please let me know


    Bea Crimi

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      It’s a pity this model is no longer available, it was a very good all round model.
      Don’t be stuck thinking that Halogens are completely different to other cookers. True they are faster, heat up quicker( instantly ) and use less power but if you just think of it as a super FAN ASSISTED oven, most recipes I try for these , work fine in the Halogen, just turn down the heat setting a little and make the timing about 4/5 of the normal time , then check how its doing. You will soon be making everything!
      I just found a recipe tool bar for the computer, got just about every recipe under the sun. I’ll be making it available to download from the site soon.
      Best of Luck Bea

  • lo-Anne Lewis says:

    Hi thrte I am super confused about the extender ring. How do you use this. The cooker i have has a lift arm attached lid? Thanks so much

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      The ring should inserted when the arm is drawn up to full height , to unlock it:-
      Raising the lid arm
      On this Secura model, the locking mechanism is operated by a downward press on the button, on the Andrew James model it is pushed to the right to unlock.

  • Mary says:

    Sorry, but you’re not taking into consideration HDL(good cholesterol) at the beginning,, and you mainly mention LDL(bad cholesterol). HDL I would say should be at the beginning of your introduction, and DV shouldn’t be talked about.

    You include eggs and oily fish in Foods to Avoid(or reduce), but these are rich in HDL. These should be eaten at least 2-3 times a week, plus they’re a good source of low-fat protein, which has been shown to help weight loss.

    Prawns are a great source of low-fat protein, and obviously are not eaten every day.
    Why mention caviar,or Foie Gras? Who eats these apart from the rich or French. If we ‘ordinary’ people have caviar, it’s in such small amounts not to count. Again not many people eat liver pate these days.

    Apart from this, your advice is great! Sorry.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Mary,
      Keeping my family healthy is my main aim, I would like to expand that section of the website with more knowledgeable and readable articles. I would welcome an article on the subject, for publication here.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Sadly the 7litre range seems to have ceased production. I am looking into sourcing these from the original Chinese manufacturer, so keep an eye on the website and have a look through our new store

  • Nmullins says:

    I bought Crofton halogen oven couple of yrs back and it has made my cooking and baking a lot easier.I try any recipe and it turns out to be marvelous .I only needed to understand the temp initially because it’s a small close heating space so require less time for heating up and cooking than conventional ovens.Also it utilises less electricity its much easier to clean it up .I absolutely love it.

  • steve says:

    just brought a russell hobbs Halogen Oven 18537

    when it cooks the main light goes on and off

    is it meant to do that?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Halogens use a thermostatically controlled heater. It maintains the temperature you set by turning on and off. Some newer models also vary fan speed to do the same thing. So YES! its working fine. Hope you enjoy your new purchase

  • Gena says:

    I inherited my Dads JML halogen oven and loved it at first but it didn’t last long before the bulb went kaput, my Husband bought a new bulb and said he wasn’t about to change it as too awkward…and he’s been in engineering all of his adult life and frequently strips bike engines down so isn’t afraid of DIY.
    Yesterday I popped to Argos and purchased a ‘Cookworks’ digital halogen oven for £39.99 and it’s fabulous. Much better than the JML with being digital and also has the extender ring to increase its capacity to 17 litres so I’m thrilled to bits. Won’t purchase any JML tat in the future, I’m sticking with Argos knowing if it fails in a year, I can take it back for a refund or replacement and if it lasts longer than a year, I will be happy as it’ll work out to be a bargain.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I’m afraid I’ve heard these comments about the JML model from many readers since I started the blog, that’s why I gave such a poor rating on the review page

  • David C. Mason says:

    Can I safely use my halogen oven top on a solid metal pot? Where con I go to replace my broken heat resistant glass bowl

  • ROB says:

    Can i buy the andrew james digital cooker with north american electrical standards? I would lile to buy one but dont want to use an electrical converter..

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I don’t think so, I did contact AJ last year, but they had no plans to sell in the US

  • Aldine Durston says:

    I would like a cookbook that does not have celcius temperatures. Can you recommend some to choose from? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • J. Williams says:

    My team visicook air chef booklet page cooking hints and tips says baked potatoes 90′-120′ at temp 210, I notice your times are 25-40 at temp 200-250.which is the correct guide I should use please? I am new to halogen cooking

    J. Williams

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      A lot depends on size, I will try at 220 temperature and for a bit longer than the guides times for big, really tasty bakers, say 50 mins, but of course the Visicook is different to my Andrew James model, so have a go, keep checking and make a note for next time.

  • Fidelma byrne says:

    I have this fryer less than 12 months and it just stopped heating today. Could we have to replace the haologen lamp already

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      They are definitely better, longer life halogen lamps than were the originals many years ago, but yes, occasionally they will fail. A lot depends on your handling of the oven and even the handling in the factory and delivery vehicles before you even purchased it!

  • June Wilson says:

    How do you cook chicken breasts and roast potatoes at the same time as the cooking times will vary

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      As I have detailed elsewhere on the blog, par boil the potatoes, chicken breasts won’t take as long as a whole chicken, so I would cook them 35 mins with the potatoes on the lower rack (no water ) they should be done in about the same time, but keep checking and add on if not completely cooked. It will vary with the size of the potatoes, so make a note for next time.
      Let me know how you get on.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Cheaper, no, but think about it…..
      The microwave ready meal has had to be specially packaged, it has probably more salt and sugar than is necessary as do most preprepared meals, wouldn’t you rather make your own from fresh ingredients, that you know are 100% additive free.
      The more I find out, the less I will buy ready meals, for example in the mediterranean , it has been shown many times that the Italians in the country regions live longer, have fewer health problems, like cancer and obesity and enjoy their food more. Why , well they grow the vegetables themselves, they prepare everything themselves, so they get a fantastic tasting meal, that the whole family can enjoy.
      Whoops… I digress,
      No its probably not cheaper in a Halogen oven, but it cooks the food in ordinary everyday cookware, not special plastic microwave ware, it cooks just like a conventional oven, browning takes place, which it doesn’t in the microwave, making food taste right, look right and long term it will look after you AND your pocket.

  • I just received a Halogen and I am clueless at the age of nearly 60. I would to receive your emails if they have anything to do with simple halogen recipes. Thank you for being willing to share you ideas and comments.

  • Susy says:

    First of all, I like my Nuwave oven very much. The plastic dome is light, so it is especially nice for those who may have trouble lifting. I use silicone baking dishes in the oven all the time. I put dishes on a wire grid that is made for pizza. The cookware is light and takes up less room than metal cookware, because it stacks nicely. I have used a countertop oven for over 20 years now and therefore use my electric oven for storage. In the last eleven years I have only used the conventional “oven” once and that was because I had never tried using the NuWave to make rice and my son was fixing dinner. I didn’t want to experiment with his stuff. I do find that it is great for two or three people, but not for cooking for a whole crowd, however, I have fixed a ham dinner for seven in the oven. I use it to bake breads and cakes, both from a mix and from scratch (even made a bundt cake and angel food cake in it), fix dinner (some from frozen)and even reheat leftovers. I find it a great addition for me. The only thing I would suggest is that you remove the lid to a flat surface (that has air circulation) not store it on the provided rack that stores it at a angle, because the domes seem to crack from the stress, but last longer if stored as they fit on the oven). This is about my 5th base unit in 20+ years. Using the grates is great for keeping your bacon from curling. I sandwich my bacon between two grates. Also the clean up of the unit is great, because food particles on the cooking surfaces are not “baked” and “caked” on.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Susy,
      Great to hear from you, I agree, the Nuwave is a fantastic machine. Good to see there is some manufacturer support too, over such a long period

  • Beckie says:

    Can you cook a turkey in it. It’s a 14lbs. I have the extending ring. Need to know temp. and how long.

  • Catherine Murray says:

    Have just bought a Halogen Oven and this is most helpful Jennifer. I woukd really appreciate any recipies and/or advice you have. My plan is to get rid of the microwave asap.

  • DOREEN MAREE says:

    I have also just bought a Halogen oven. I think the manufacturers should be more specific about their instructions especially for older people who are not confident with the internet.
    I was so pleased to see your blog or I would have returned mint and got my money back!

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      A very unusual question…
      You can do anything in a halogen that you can in a conventional oven, so yes I suppose you can use a microwave glass plate.

  • Admiring the hard work you put into your blog and in depth information you provide.

    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t
    the same out of date rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your
    RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • Jennifer Ashe says:

    update: A recent ( 2017) medical study has now strong evidence that links obesity with cancer in later life.
    even more reason to abandon those ‘ready meals’ in favour of fresh, home made meals. Ok we are all busy these days, but especially if you make food in batches, then freeze them, it need not take too much extra time.

  • Barb Rosolowski says:

    I have a Secura Turbo Oven Pro (cookbook pamphlet says Model 798DH & 777MH. I have never successfully cooked anything in it. Over the past years I’ve tried several recipes from this pamphlet and have had dried out chicken, Potato Au Gratin that needed double the cooking time and added milk, Bacon and Eggs Breakfast that has only one comment next to the recipe – “ug.”

    Last night I met a lady who has used her NuWave oven so much she wore it out, and bought a new one. She can cook a frozen chicken in 15 minutes and it’s juicy. My Secura recipe says to cook a whole chicken 1 hour and 20 minutes. What is the advantage in that? I can cook the chicken faster in a conventional oven.

    Do I just have the wrong oven, or the wrong recipes? I will explore your recipes as soon as I can.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Either the ovens were faulty, which is a bit unlikely with this very popular make, or the recipe is perhaps adapted from a conventional recipe badly and never tested or it could just be that you haven’t left room for the hot air to circulate?
      The NuWave is certainly efficient, but 15mins is very fast, when comparing, are you trying to cook the same size bird? How have you placed the Chicken in the bowl? It needs to be raised onto the wire rack, turned half way thru ( start it the wrong way up ) . I prefer to cook for longer and use the extender ring, results are more even cooking, and as a bonus the lamp isn’t so splattered with chicken fat, after use.

  • Harman Clark says:

    When you say for bread and cakes “reduce the temperature by 40 degrees”, are you using Celsius? If my recipe calls for Fahrenheit, do I reduce that by 40 degrees?

  • mike says:

    I think you can cook vegetables, ie pots/carrots/onion etc together with a chicken?
    Any advice which implements to use please?
    Maybe chicken on lower rack, veg’s on top rack?

  • Lord Jock says:

    I’ve had the oven for 3 weeks now and havent used the stove since I bought it .I’ve cooked roast pork with crackling , roast chicken , made my own chips from scratch , cooked frozen foods like fish and chicken .I like the fact you can see whats going on which was a great boon for the cackling . Altogether the roast pork took 1 hour and 40 mins at full blast at the beginning for the crackling then down to 190 and I turned the roast over twice making sure the crackling was never on the bottom I threw in the vegies an hour before the roast was ready .As time goes by I am learning how long and at what temp you should cook things . The food tastes better IMO and from someone who enjoys cooking I am so glad I bought the oven Between the halogen and the microwave I have made the stove obsolete and it’s gonna save on electricity

  • Mr Malcolm Tucker says:

    Had 3 halajons. Stanjames one using now. The best. My personal opinion there useless at cooking joints of meat. Example pork joint many different settings. Nowhere near tender. I’ve watched ideal world. Freview. For years. Using halogen cooking. Perfect. Tender every time all joints of meat. Like to know there secret. Done pork joints on 180. And. 200.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Cooking in a halogen, provided you leave room around the meat for the hot air, is very similar to a fan assisted oven, but quicker.
      NOT ALL HALOGENS ARE EQUAL. You really have to use trial and error to gauge the power with a new Halogen oven, but once you get it right and note the settings and time, there is nothing to compare, it does Chicken Pork and Beef perfectly, tender and moist. For those who like their beef slightly under, a you can get the Beef inside slightly pink with a little practice.


    The oven works very well, but for some reason all the measurements and timings have flaked off. I did contact vonshef, but their reply was to say that it was poor use by the customer. This was just not true, I take care of my equipment, and now I have to have the details on a piece of paper. Poor show vonshef.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I absolutely agree!
      I have lost the markings on all my kitchen appliances, yet my mums cooker which must be 40 years old, is still perfect and is cleaned daily !! Cmon Von Shef surely there must be a better way than simple printing the digits on plastic. Or perhaps they are so confident that the printing will outlast the product ….. Ha!

  • Elaine Morgan says:

    My glass bowl for my rapid wave oven broke. Is there a similar pyrex bowl on the market that I can use in it’s place?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      The Andrew James range have one available in the UK, but it would have to be an exact fit, to maintain the seal

  • Deb says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    You may know the answer to this. I’ve curb-sided 3 halogen ovens because the screws to remove the bulb are always too tight to remove. Is this typical? Does anything loosen them? In addition to Andrew James, what brands have an easy removal of the bulb?

    Secondly, do all ovens need specifically dedicated bulbs?


    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      There are general purpose bulbs available, just search Ebay! The sticking point is safely connecting the new bulb, make certain you can connect it safely with insulation ( high temp standard ) , some have simple push on spade connectors which work well

  • georgina morton says:

    Can I make a moussaka directly in the glass bowl or does it have to go into another dish?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I would use a separate cooking dish on a wire rack, halogen cooking depends on circulating hot air, so directly cooking in the bowl is very inefficient. Although you can cook thin slices of meat in the bowl, providing you pre-warm the bowl, say 5 mins on full power with an empty bowl. With stews I generally use a pottery dish and cook it slower, lower temp, longer time.

  • Caroline Sambell says:

    can you cook porridge? I like my porridge in the mornings and as my microwave oven needs replacing I am looking into this type of cooking.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Sure, I do all summer, obviously take precautions as with any electrical product, make sure no one can trip over the cable, no contact with rain or water…etc

  • michael blishen says:

    Please i have just got a new Halogen cooker but no booklet How can you cook a whole roast chicken dinner that is chicken roast potatoes and stuffing plus veg ? i would be grateful if you could tell me thank you

  • David Horn says:

    Thought I would share this. I bought a JML Halowave Aircooker Deluxe after seeing it on QVC. Sound naive but I was under the impression this was a new JML innovation. Did no research. Totally hooked by the advert.

    Looked wonderful so I ordered one. It blew the mains on its second use. So I looked online and found reviews such as yours revealing JML as the worst available. So I have ordered the third item on your list as I wanted the rotisserie.

    I am now in the process of trying to return the JML.

    I wish I knew what blew. It was not the bulb and I can’t take it apart to find out.
    Anyone else had this?

  • I have purchased, the blk. Favor! I love it, am disabled, and it helps me, tremendously! I have cooked, chicken, from frozen, ribs, frozen French chocolate, crescents, burgers, fries, baked potatoes, one thing have not tried yet, is to bake a cake, or box, mix! Bought mine, on TV, Evine years ago, when it was named either, Shop HQ,or, Shop, NBC, think only cost, approx. about, $39.00! Love the glass, and how can wash it right after use it, with the wash, app! Love it, hope to use, for long time! Also love, all things, it came with, to make, easy cooking, easier! I give it, a 100%!!!

  • Cath says:

    Just purchased a halogen oven so any hints or recipes would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try the roast chicken, yorkshires and roast potatoes this weekend so wish me luck!

  • PAMELA HILLS says:

    I am on bottled gas for cooking, which obviously has to be replaced every few months,
    Can I use my halogen just for re-heating foods, like sausage rolls, quiche etc etc,

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Absolutely Yes! The halogen is perfect for reheating. Unlike the microwave, it won’t ruin things like chips or pastry.

  • Wilkison says:

    Which is the live wire on a Halogen replacement bulb or does this not matter as long as one goes to live and one to neutral

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Please send me a picture of the bowl, there are several different models
      Also the item number, its on a label near the power cord entry and begins with a “B”

  • Julia Dawkins says:

    Hi can you cook frozen beefburgers in halogen oven if how long for and what temperature please

  • Julie says:

    Hi. Is it safe to use those circular perforated baking sheets in the halogen? I’m afraid that they may catch fire?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Well , as I’ve said before, anything you can use in a normal oven will be ok in a halogen. BUT the high speed wind can be a problem with paper. If you can hold it down with something, then its probably going to be ok. Just keep an eye on it when you begin.

  • Shirley Kilgore says:

    I am elderly unfortunately theAndrew James lift up lid halogen oven I can’t lift lid as my wall cupboard is not higher enough so am considering now buying the lift off lid would value your opinion
    Or would the tower halogen lift off lid be the best for me
    I also mostly have ready meals and do cook frozen chips an other things

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Both of these are excellent models. If either would fit your height restriction, I would say the Andrew James model.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes with patience, commonsense and if you can purchase the right spares. If you are good with electrics, its not too difficult.

  • Karen Province says:

    can you cook directly in the bottom of the glass bowl without a rack? Like a vegetable and beef stew?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes I believe you can but I don’t. To cook evenly it needs to be able to circulate the air all around it. If you really want to try it ( I think I saw a good UTube demo ) then preheat the halogen oven thoroughly first, and stir often.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I’ve not come across this model, bear in mind you usually get what you pay for. Only the well known makes really ever get a thorough review, there isn’t usually enough feedback from buyers of the lesser known makes to get a good idea how good ( or bad ) they are.
      Having said that, we have bought a ‘nameless’ supermarket model for a special occasion, very recently and it works fine. In general though I would always go with a good make, its just better long term.

  • Deb says:

    I am new to halogens and the reason being is because I don’t no how long to leave something in for. How much do I reduce cooking time? If I cook a joint Iof meat do I put it on the same degree as I would in my conventional oven ? If I usually cook for 1 and half hours would I do the same? If I cook a fish that says 30 mins in the oven would I do the same in the halogen?? I am totally useless with the halogen

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Don’t despair Deb, you’ll soon get the hang of it. If you start with the advice I give in the “Cooking Meat dishes” part, just see how your particular Halogen performs, adjusting up or down as required. Ovens and meat itself varies so much, its always difficult to give exact figures, so start by reducing your 1 1/2 hours by 20 mins and test, by making a cut to see how it is cooking through (or using a meat thermometer if you have used one before )

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Of course!
      Start by putting the rice into a suitable dish, I use a round pyrex glass bowl. Add about twice as much BOILING water as rice, so for my bowl and 250g of rice, i pour on enough water to cover it plus about 3/4 inch. Turn the halogen on full power and try between 15 and 20 minutes to get the sort of result you like. My long grain white rice takes 20 minutes. Drain and pour boiling water through a seive, if its fluffy enough serve or return to the bowl for a short while, so it absorbs more water, then serve.

  • Natasha says:

    I have an older one of these but cant seem to find the cookbook. How would I go about ordering another one. Would love to start using it again

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      I use the low rack, sitting in the bottom of the halogen bowl and I usually ( depending on bird size ) use the extender ring , raising the heat source which helps prevent burning. Turn the chicken half way thru. More tips on cooking chicken can be found under the hints and tips tab in the menu (Roast Chicken) ( Cooking from Frozen) (Chicken and Veg) . More articles to be added as soon as I can.

  • Heather says:

    My bulb stopped working, so I replaced it with the spare I had. This didn’t work, but fan is still working. Am I unlucky with spare bulb or could it be something else?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      If the power is getting to the fan, check if the bulb goes to a separate fuse, which may have blown ( make certain you use the EXACT replacement ) . Check your connections to the new lamp. Check the replacement lamp, although its usually easy to see if its no good just by inspection. TAKE CARE WHEN DEALING WITH THE INSIDES NEVER LEAVE THE MAINS PLUGGED IN WHILST WORKING ON IT!!!

  • Imelda Doyle says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Thanks for the chicken recipe. I have a Delta Halogen Oven I bought about 3 years ago and never used it and I have also misplaced the instructions. Could you please email me a few recipes i.e. lamb, beef and fish.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Imelda Doyle, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland

  • I’m worrying about the comments I read on another site regarding after service. Paying an exorbitant postage to return and several weeks wait for the replacement The answer left by Andrew James was thank you for your comment. Another said they’d contacted them regarding a complaint and were still waiting presumble a while later. Many good reviews but not sur about after service now

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Well its true that you only find out about after sales service quality when things go wrong. From my own dealings with AJ, i’ve been dealt with fairly and speedily, as have a number of users, from their own comments received now over quite a few years. I would always recommend a known brand over a supermarket product bought in a batch and sold with no thought given to after sales.

  • Rick Mooney says:

    I just bought a Beau mark Halogen oven, the other day, happy to see that people really like them, using your chicken recipe Saturday to explore the cooking 🙂

  • heather jones says:

    Good evening we have been told that Halogen Bulbs are outlawed in the EU so I have a halogen convection oven what do I use?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Could you give me full details please, who and in what capacity, told you this?
      Which Halogen oven do you have?

  • Jane says:

    My halogen has started to be covered in condensation during cooking, leaving a puddle in the bottom. I am using a rack in the bottom and the extender ring for slower cooking. What is wrong please?

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      With the oven empty and completely dry, turn it on , as if you are pre-heating it. If it still condenses, the water has somehow pooled in the heater. Check if it has been taken apart and put together incorrectly, if there are gaps, showing where you would expect a seal…. that sort of thing.

  • Shaun O'C says:

    Not a question but a little tip. if you are using the lid stand to cool the lid of your halogen and its your first experience with using one, go through a few practice runs, with oven gloves or mitts on until you feel comfortable about transferring the lid from the oven to the stand. The reason I advise this is that time spent practicing this maneuver will make it easier to transfer the lid to the stand without the stand slipping unexpectedly. otherwise, as advised in the article, use a grill stand for the lid instead.

  • Sunny bambridge says:

    Am new to halogen having purchased an Andrew James Can you open the lid whilst it’s srillcooking

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Yes, I often open the cooker to , for example turn my chicken over. The glass bowl construction of Halogen cookers offers a great view of the state of your cooking so can keep an eye on it and stop just at the right point – browned to perfection!

  • Arianna says:

    I live in the EU (Spain) and have a halogen oven (Fussion brand) that’s an extra cooking accessory I bought to use with the Fussion electric pressure cooker. You can also buy halogen lamps and bulbs with no problem here. So I can say that halogen bulbs and ovens are definitely not banned in the EU.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Thanks for that Arianna. In the UK too, Halogen lamps of all varieties incl cooker replacement lamps are still widely available

  • Ken Hui says:

    Hi Jennfier, first of all great site 10/10

    I have a bit of unusual question, do halogen ovens produce any smoke or smells while cooking? Currently I use a frying pan to cook meat but I find it fills the room up with a strong odour that lingers for days! thanks

  • lesley futcher says:

    What did you do to realise the three screws, as they are firmly stuck in the cooker, probably because of the heat and use.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      It doesn’t always work but mechanics use a solvent/thin oil spray which helps, leave it a good while after spraying, before attempting to unscrew. If it wasn’t a lamp, giving it a tap often works wonders, but not recommended with the Halogen Ovens.

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      Depends what you’re cooking…
      Steaming – put a bowl of water in the bottom
      Roasting – some people swear by those little spray cooking oils

  • Micheal Cook says:

    The timer and temperature markings are wearing off on my halogen oven. Can I but replacement decals anywhere

    • Jennifer Ashe says:

      From cold it should be on. After reaching the required temp, the thermostat will control the lamp to come on if the temp drops below that set by you.

  • Jacqueline Barnes says:

    I have had a halowave oven for 2 years. Been encouraged to use a microwave. But I am thinking I much prefer my halowave it just seems to cook better. Been encouraged by your website. Have been told how much cheaper a microwave is. So glad to hear it is as cheap as a microwave. Food somehow tastes better too!