Tessa Cunningham Halogen Article in the Daily Mail

Tessa Cunningham recently wrote in the Daily Mail an article on the Halogen Oven” They roast a chicken in 30 minutes, clean themselves and cost just £40. We give halogen ovens a grilling”

The main points raised in the article are the growing popularity of these innovative units designed to go on your worktop and are capable of doing everything that your expensive built in cooker can do , but at less cost fuel wise and much quicker. Originally introduced on the tv shopping channels, they are now very much more popular and internet chat rooms are frequently discussing cooking with them.

They save space over a conventional oven, they aren’t too large to just keep in the kitchen appliance cupboard and bring out to use, but they really are capable of most tasks like sauteing, boiling, baking and roasting,  many folk are discovering they can do without their large ovens and cut down on running costs everyday.

How do they work? A Halogen lamp develops a lot of heat, perfect for use in this little cooker and when combined with a powerful fan, they have the cooking power of a super turbo fan oven, cooking up to three times faster than any normal oven. The original designs all used a heat proof glass bowl, with the halogen element above, in the lid unit. One great advantage is visibility, you can watch your food cooking. It is easily possible to adjust the cooking temperature or time, as you assess how the cooking is going.

Although a small size, they can actually fit in a surprising amount of food. Cooking meals for several people is quite possible. Racks are usually provided, or available as accessories, to adjust the proximity of the heating element. Several food items can be assembled for cooking at the same time like this.

So it is certainly versatile, Tessa muses whether the conventional cooker  will end up on the scrapheap.


The original article can be read at the mail online

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