COSORI Air Fryer 5.5L: Your Ticket to Smart California Magic

Cosori Airfryer – If you want a well made air fryer, without the price of a Philips, look no further! Cosori from California has the goods

Cosori with App
Cosori Air Fryer with App
Video – Using the smart app VeSync gives you control, your cooking history, recipes, remote adjust and more
Joint will cook perfectly
A 5 pound chicken fits easily

Although small compared to a Halogen Oven, the Cosori’s 5.5L is enough for most things

Easy Controls On the Cosori Airfryer

Similar to the Philips Air Fryer, the layout has Main settings Temperature, Timer in the center

The preset functions are grouped at either side 

Temp is in degrees Centigrade only 

Cosori control panel

Preset Buttons

The Cosori AirFryer comes with 11 preset functions + Keep Warm 

  1. Steak 205°C
  2. Chicken 195°C
  3. Seafood 175°C
  4. Shrimp 190°C
  5. Bacon 160°C
  6. Frozen food 175°C
  7. Vegetables 150°C
  8. Root Veg 205°C
  9. Bread 160°C
  10. Desserts 150°C
  11. PreHeat 205°C
  12. Keep Warm 75°C
preset functions
Cooking controls

Functions are very simple and self explanatory

The Corsori in Use

This model behaves perfectly, I do like the “shake” reminder warning, so often I’ve forgotten to shake the contents around on other fryers, and ended up with very uneven results.

The basket is easy to remove from the drawer unit, note only the basket should be put in a dishwasher, hand wash the drawer. 

If the heater gets splashed with fat, the best way to clean is a paste of baking soda, which you can leave for a while then scrub it off – works brilliantly. Put the fryer on its side to do this.

Never use without the basket !!

Drawer and basket assembly


The Cosori 5.5Ltr  uses a standard layout, heating element, fan and food drawer

  • 1700 watt 220volt
  • 90cm power cord
  • Temperature 80°C-200°C
  • Timer 0 to 60 minutes Auto shutoff
  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • Dimensions 300mm x 320mm x 300mm
  • Capacity 5.5 Litre

Download the Manual

Click to Download the pdf manual

What the buyers Said…

Since buying this we have not used the normal oven.! Everything seems to cook quicker, taste batter and seems healthier.!
The 5.5 litre enclosure fits a nice size chicken or a leg of lamb. We have cooked burgers, sausages and chicken portions, also roast potatoes, fries and hash browns with no problems.!

It does take a while to gauge your cooking temperature and time, but it’s easy to check on the progress of the food by pulling out the basket.

There are loads of recipes on the internet for air fryers in general plus cooking settings for all your ‘normal’ foods.!

The COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.5L is as good as it gets in the air Fryer range. One only has to go onto the foodies page of YouTube to see that people who cook with our cookers are using the COSORI.

It comes with a decent recipe book which gives you over a hundred recipes, although you probably aren’t buying this because you want to cook a hundred different things, you’re probably buying this because you think that it’s going to give you healthier chips or healthier meats, truth be told it’s a yes and no. Take chips or French fries that what you call them, you chop them up and you put them in the air Fryer following the instructions, you cook it for what you believe to be the right amount of time and then you take it out to inspect, only to find that some of them are cooked more than others, or some sides are cooked more than others. Now I know that it does say that you are to take out after cooking for so long and shake them, but you kind of have to learn what constitutes a shake and how much you have to do it.

I’ve gotta be honest there are some things in this air Fryer which cook extremely well, steaks for example are absolutely bang on perfect and you can cook them exactly how you want them to come out lovely and they taste lovely makes you want to eat steak every night, but not so the fries. I believe that it really comes down to portion size and smaller the portion, the better chance you have of getting a better cooked fries. Subsequently, use it for cooking fries any more, because in my book it’s disappointing. And this would have made for a really bad review had it not been for the other stuff that it does extremely well like the steaks that I mentioned.

Rating and Recommendation

Cosori AirFryer  

The Review Rating

The manual  is one of the better ones for air fryers, it goes into enough detail for beginners to get going easily. 

The product overall was good and easy to use.

The plastic body would protect you from burns however the lower half does get significantly hot so beware.

Well manufactured, I would recommend this product

Very Good

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