Uk Halogen Cooker Reviews

We investigated the latest UK Halogen models from Cooks Professional , Andrew James, Tower, Habitat, Team Visicook, Breville, Flavorwave and others, here are our critical reviews and recommendations

The Halogen oven market is now well established and we present to you the best current models. All the models shown have been tested and we have gathered all the main plus and minus points noticed during the review, from delivery time, packing quality, potential problems, overall build quality, specification, value for money and performance.

Also taking into consideration are the reviews sent in to this and other websites, to give a better all-round feel for the products, especially if a fault has been noticed by more than one reviewer.

Our Halogen Cooker Reviews will rate the best currently available: Click pictures to go to each full review page

See. full Review The Winner !

1. Cooks Professional

Halogen, Rotisserie with Hinged Lid

Rating 9/10 best features, accessories, price and guarantee

Breville VDF105See.full Review

2.Breville VDF105

Unusual Design, very well made and versatile unit.. 8/10


Tower T14001See.full Review

3.Tower 14001

Very standard in design but well made, great price, 3 year guarantee 8/10


 Click pictures to see the full specifications and reviews.

Favourite Choice

The overall winner by a long way was the Cooks Professional model with the hinged lid design, it performed perfectly, was easy to operate , has convenient digital controls and best feature – its safe to use with its hinged top. Construction was solid with no reports of failures. By making the halogen lamp easy to replace AND giving you a spare lamp, they have a top notch product giving excellent value.

Tower managed second place , due to consistancy. Well made and a good example of the time tried  design. Simple and good value.

Third place was given to the team visicook cooker . With its innovative  built in rotisserie for  spit roasting and its  hinged lid, a great safety feature,  this is already proving to be a big seller. This one doesn’t slide around on the work surface either and has an insulated body, which is another great safety feature

All our models are available through Amazon , we recommend Amazon after many years of trading with them for Security when paying, fair customer service, best price and the best delivery service.

Our advice when considering which model to buy would have to exclude all non branded products, although a lot of the halogen cookers were extremely similar, so much so that you would be excused thinking they all were produced by the same factory, see my article on “shoddy goods“.  The life of the cooker will be much longer if the halogen lamp is easily replaceable. Unfortunately not all the units tested had replaceable lamp elements or were easy to change. So check this out before buying and refer to our reviews where these problems are noted for you.

For anyone living alone or who has less work surface space, there are now a range of 7 Litre Halogen Ovens and some other models smaller than the standard 12 Litre size.

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