Happy Halogen User

Excerpt from money saving expert website, always good to see new ideas and see how others use their Halogen Oven

“I have the ‘NuWave’ version infra red Oven, which has an optional extender ring to increase capacity. Been very happy with it since purchase. Use for grilling, roasting and bread baking (Artisan bread in 5mins!).


Large chicken (2.2kg/4.8lbs) took 1hr10min on high. First 35-40 minutes ‘upside down’. Medium rare beef roast (2.5kg/5.5lbs) first 20 mins on high, then 30mins half power, turn roast, further 40 mins half power.


I have made roast, put it to warm, and then roasted potatoes having parboiled first. Baked potatoes turn out excellent, and I really like the fact that there is no preheating.


I do a lot of scratch/batch cooking – not in the Infra-red – and freeze portions in freezer to oven to table ware. I can take a couple of portions from freezer, and warm in Infra Red oven from frozen. Cooked meats always succulent and juicy. At full power oven uses 0.741KwH which on my tariff cost 16p/hr on initial charge, or 8p/hr on general charge – this is nothing to do with Economy 7, just I have two tier charging, and use that little electricity seldom get into the second tier.”

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