Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie

The new 2021 Cooks Professional Digital Air Fryer. The combination of a hinged lid and safe-to-touch machine body, makes the Cooks Pro product a winner. The usual halogen glass bowl is replaced with a double cell construction effectively insulating the outside, making it much less of a hazard in the kitchen.

 The Cooks Professional has a spit roast attachment which enables very even cooking of  chicken.

Attaching the spit spindle is very simple, drop it in seconds.

This rotating wire cage is designed for chips and similar foods. Tumbling allows even cooking. 

Just a tiny spray of oil is all that you need for perfect chips

The Cooks Pro is complete with Tongs, Grilling rack, fryer basket, BBQ Rotisserie Fork and Skewers

Adjustable Temp and Timer Display

Program Modes

  • Roast
  • Fry
  • Bake
  • Stir-Fry
  • BBQ

I didn’t like the single multi-purpose display, but mainly because my own has separate timer and temperature displays, but you do get used to switching between the two.


Dimensions: L35cm x W43.6xm x 33cm

Weight: 6.21kg

Power Cord Length: 96.5cm

Voltage: 220~240V

Consumed Power: 1300W

Frequency: 50~60Hz

Temperature Range: 50~230℃

Time setting Range: 1~60 min

Capacity: 10L

What the Buyers Said...

This is a brilliant addition to the kitchen. As I live by myself with 2 dogs I find it onerous, on a daily basis, to use the large electric oven as it takes an age to heat up to the required cooking temperature. This unit heats up within seconds, literally, and cooks the food to perfection. You can cook several items at once and the attachments are good for the size of the unit

Love this machine, so far have used it to cook whole chicken, roast potatoes ,pork shoulder joint (with great crackling) and chips. I used the rotisserie which gave golden even cooking. The only negative I have is the instruction booklet, could be better explained and a few more recipes would have been nice. I would highly recommend this machine.

Review Conclusion

With its hinged lid – a great safety feature and cool body, the new Cooks Pro model is probably the best Halogen Oven available today. Although the capacity is only 10 litres and the bowls coating isn’t very thick – ( best to just soak and handwash ) , the overall capacity, speed, quality of build, and cooking results are second to none !

Review Rating : 9/10