How to Clean an Airfryer Heating Element

If you have experienced this, don’t worry its usually nothing worse than a build up of splatter around the heater.

Basically the higher fat foods do produce a small amount of ‘splatter’ when cooking in the Philips range of airfryers. The heater area is difficult to clean, but the technique described on their website will stop all but the very worst cases if done regularly.

Cleaning the AirFryer

First make a fresh  solution of baking powder and water , about 3g of baking powder to 100ml of water, pour into a spray bottle

Unplug the Philips , take out the drawer unit and turn the fryer upside down

Spray onto the heater and surrounding dirty area and leave for 1 minute then put the Airfryer upright again, standing for about 30mins

Repeat the spraying step once more

Put the Airfryer upright and half fill the drawer with hot water, operate the Airfryer for 20 mins at 200 deg C

Let it cool down, but while warm, invert the unit again to clean the element with a cloth and behind with a toothbrush very carefully

Allow to dry thoroughly before using it again.

This  article was originally written by me and published on in 2015

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