Klarstein VitAir Smart Hot Air Fryer With App Control

Wow! What a stunning-looking piece of kit.

Is there a button for time travel? This has it all:

  • SAFE you won’t get fingers burned on this cooker
  • SAFE it has a hinged lid
  • Digital controls including presets
  • Super Quality in manufacture
available in three colours
Silver model
Black model

Vitair Specifications

  • 10 litre capacity (7.75)
  • 1400 watt heating element
  • Temp 30 to 250 degrees C
  • 20 programmable settings
  • Lid is hinged 
  • WiFi standard – 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Model no: ‎TK20-VitAirSmart-G 
  • Item no:10035590 10035591 10035592 (3 colours)

The Klarstein VitAir Smart Air Fryer

With a hinged lid design, you don’t have to worry about removing a very hot lid, containing the heating element and putting it down somewhere safe, you just lift the lid and it stays where you left it.

The Vitair's fan circulates hot air rapidy around the cooking area to ensure even cooking all over. In addition if you are using the baking basket, your food is rotated, tumbling which means you wont have to open it and shake a basket.

The KlarsteinVitair Controls

  1. The LED screen, displays Temp and Time, program and fan operation. Below the display are the 20 preset buttons.
  2. Rotation on/off
  3. Time adjust up
  4. Fan on/off
  5. Time adjust down
  6. ON-OFF cook  button
  7. Temp +
  8. Memory
  9. Temp –
  10. Menu select

Cooking Chips

There were a lot of conflicting comments about cooking chips. With the Klarstein, simply use the baking basket, chips tumble around in there, saving any manual basket shaking. The only minor gripe is the size of the basket,  it is ok for 1 or 2 portions. 

Frozen prepared chips are by far the easiest to cook. Fresh-cut chips must be washed to remove the starch ( in cold water), then dried thoroughly on a tea towel, before you begin, which all takes more time. 

Always with fresh cut chips, use spray oil from a pump dispenser (never from an aerosol can ). You need to experiment with different brands and types of oil to find your favourite.

Whats in the box?


  • Frying Pan
  • Low/High Rack
  • Baking basket
  • Spit Roast Fork
  • Tongs

What buyers of the Klarstein said...

I was looking for an air fryer and among the various options I chose to rely on it.
I found much more than I expected! This fryer allows, with a single appliance, to cover the functions of fryer, oven, microwave, pans… We really use it for everything: beyond the “classic” uses (french fries, etc.), I also found a great ally for cooking desserts, pies, omelettes, as well as for quickly heating dishes.
This air fryer has opened the door for me to a whole other way of cooking, healthy and tasty, don’t miss the vegetable chips because they are made in a moment and they are special!
It comes super equipped with the basket for chips, the rotisserie holder, etc.
It has many programs to choose from and can also be managed via app.
The one we took comes in a beautiful flaming red color that makes a great impression in our kitchen.
More than happy with the purchase!

I had bought a Klarstein air fryer more than a year ago and I really enjoyed it, a salvation for dinners and lunches so that I decided to buy another one, always of course Klarstein but more functional and above all smarter (I gave the old fryer to my mother). I got the VitAir fully controllable via the Klarstein app with functions for frying, roasting and baking.
Warm inside and cold outside thanks to the Cool-Touch-Housing
20 programs: default settings for chips, roast chicken, pies, pizza, fish, etc.

I really wanted an air fryer that is so fashionable and has been quite a success. You can make everything, fish fries an endless number of things you did before with oil in a pan. You can do it from the robot or from the mobile app. The design is very nice and another thing that I like is that even if it rises to a high temperature on the outside it does not heat up anything and having children at home this is a plus point

Klarstein Manual

My Conclusion:

A truly outstanding model of AirFryer.  Yes the price is a little high but how many cookers come with a rotisserie?  My only problem having a largish family, would be the size, 10Ltr capacity is a bit small, but for couples and maybe a family of three, there is simply nothing to beat it. Klarstein has a good number of well made appliances in this market and I expect them to thrive. 

It ticked all my favourite boxes: 

  • SAFE ( cool touch )
  • SAFE (hinged lid )
  • Easy and Accurate Digital Controls

 I  felt it was very worthy of a rating of  9/10



Vitair AirFryer  

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