Cook from Frozen with the Halogen Oven

Cook from Frozen with the Halogen Oven?  I can hear all those professional cooks squirming and with good reason. If you’ve ever produced a dish still frozen in the middle, after the proper cooking time, you will know how difficult it is to judge with a microwave. I’ve even had it served up in a fancy French restaurant. Oh  the fuss that caused !

The Halogen Cooker though is very very good at circulating the hot air, with its powerful fan and that makes all the difference. It is so quick at heating food right through. You are not dependent on the position of the food, as you are with a microwave, even with its turntable, its easily possible to either under do it , resulting in a frozen middle, or over do it, so your food cooks too much on the outside.


I have tried various frozen foods in the Halogen Oven and with most, it is difficult to make a mistake !  Using perhaps an extra 5 or 10% extra time, seems to thaw then cook perfectly. With thicker cuts of meat, I would be a little more careful. Perhaps a 5 minute pause after the first 5 minutes of cooking time.

Chicken , whole and frozen, represent no problem whatsoever to the Halogen, just use normal cooking time, obviously check that the juices are running clear when it is nearing completion.  Because the centre of the chicken is not solid meat, it doesn’t really affect the cooking process.  Chicken should be turned half way through, to make a really good tasty and thoroughly cooked meal.

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    • Treat the halogen as you would any standard oven, boil your spuds on the hob, bake them in the Halogen.

  1. Iceland frozen joints are meant to be cooked from frozen are these.ok to be cooked in my halogen oven please???

    • Yes, most frozen joints will cook perfectly. If it’s really thick, reduce the heat and extend the time a little.


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