4YourHome Black 1400W 12Litre

Making cooking a breeze with this amazing Multi-Functional Halogen Oven from Ovation supplied for Amazon by 4YourHome.


If you dread the thought of cooking a Sunday dinner – what with all the pots and pans and washing up afterwards – then here is your solution. This halogen oven has a high and a low rack included, so you can cook multiple foods all at once! Featuring an adjustable temperature range of 65-250°C, you can now broil, roast, bake, slow cook or grill your way to culinary perfection. 4YourHome have made an excellent job of including every accessory needed.

What’s more, the bowl itself is non-stick coated – making the washing up just as simple as the cooking!

If you buy this, take a photo of the dial  markings!  After a few uses and wipe downs, the white printing starts to rub off!  Having bought several bits of kitchen equipment lately , including an expensive built in oven, now with no decals, this is a standard complaint and there seems to be no one  listening.


• 1400W
• 12L Capacity
• Adjustable temperature 65-250°C dial marked every 25° but continuously variable
• Five various functions – broil, roast, bake, slow cook, grill
• Chrome plated high / low stainless steel racks
• Non-stick bowl
• 60-minute timer

Includes: Lid holder, extender ring, skewers and tongs.

Weighs 6kg
Dimensions 41 x 33 x 33.5cm

The price is the only remarkable thing, the design is  first generation, nothing wrong with that, it is simplicity itself  to operate. For most people the removable lid ( off switch is activated when the handle is lifted )  isn’t a problem, but perhaps for the elderly or infirm, I would prefer one  of the hinged lid variety, for safety.

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