Salter EK1950 Triple Power 12 Litre

Salter is a trusted name in Kitchen ware, going back a long time, believe it or not  250 years! Even though it is  mostly Chinese sourced ( what isn’t these days ) , they seem to have done a pretty good job with this oven. 

Cook all your favourite foods with less fat using this fantastic Salter low fat fryer. Easy and convenient, you can cook directly from frozen using triple cooking power; halogen directly heats the surface of the food for browning, roasting and flavour; convection circulates the hot air, evenly distributing the heat for faster cooking, and infrared heat cooks from inside out, sealing in the juices for maximum taste. A complete kit, you can get started with your fabulous fryer straight away.

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Using halogen, convection and infrared power, you can prepare the tastiest fried foods with little or no oil for healthier cooking.

With 1400 W power, it can cook your food up to 3 times faster, and can also be used for baking, roasting, grilling and steaming.

The fryer has a glass dome which allows you to see the cooking process or monitor your food, and a removable bowl for easy cleaning.

It comes with a high rack, low rack, lid stand, tongs, mesh tray, oil sprayer and 50 recipes, so you can begin cooking right away.

With a capacity of 12 litres, you can roast joints of meat for the whole family or use the racks to separate the food during cooking.

What the buyers of the Salter Halogen had to say:

I really like this. I’ve had various models over the years and this one wins hands down. The wire mesh basket you don’t get with other models is great for items like fish or chips. The only time I use my large oven these days is if I’m cooking something that won’t fit in here – which isn’t that often.

I live on my own therefore only require small amounts cooked, be it half a chicken or a few chops etc.
Because of the area heated cooking time is reduced.
With practice this is a good investment, and doesn’t cost a lot to run (electricity), your bill is a lot less than to run then an conventional oven on a stove/cooker.

Excellent bit of kit. It is better to have a detachable lid, as you don’t get condensation inside the heater section which causes the motor to seize up or get noisy. This unit works well and we are well pleased with it, having had several over the years

It’s brilliant better than.expected I have bad issues getting things out of my normal this is a godsend and it help that you can see things cooking without having to bend down to check no burnt food and timer and controls easy to.use easy to clean as well 


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