UK Dehydrator Reviews

I investigated the latest UK Dehydrator models from all the major suppliers VonShef, Andrew James and others, here are our critical reviews and recommendations

The Health  benefit of these machines is now being realised and many manufacturers have now put their products on the market, here are the best current models. I have gathered  all the main plus and minus points noticed during review, from recent purchases, noting comments about delivery time, packing quality, potential problems, overall build quality, specification, value for money and performance.

Also taking into consideration are the reviews sent in to this and other websites, to give a better all round feel for the products, especially if a fault has been noticed by more than one reviewer.

My Reviews will rate the best currently available Dehydrator Models: Click pictures to go to each full review page



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The Winner !

1. Andrew James

Digital  Control Square Dehydrator

Rating 9/10 overall , with the best features, accessories, spares available  price and 2  year guarantee
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2.Von Shef 5 Tier

Standard round tower Design,  well made but basic and no  timer


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3. Digital Drier and Dehydrator

Standard  design reasonably well made, a bit underpowered, took a long time to dry fruit

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