VonShef Premium 7L Halogen Air Fryer Oven 900W

After a long absence the 7 Litre size halogen oven makes a return. Ideal for singles, small kitchens or as a handy addition to your normal cooker when you host a family event, birthday or barbecue perhaps.  All the speed and health benefits of Halogen, with this pint size version.

Time Saving and Power Saving

What can it do…. well everything, a small or medium chicken is no problem, I would hesitate to go too large as the top would probably burn before the bird was cooked through, but then its market is probably singles , so I would imagine it is ideal, size wise. We have tested normal daily use with  12Litre and these 7 litre appliances, for one persons use and you will definitely see a big reduction over using a conventional oven, over even a short period of time. The small bowl is fantastic at cooking really fast, wastes no heat, takes no time at all to come up to full heat, so no oven-warm-up time, it will all add up for you.


could not be simpler, heat and timer, rotary controls, clearly marked. I couldn’t really believe someone actually complained that it wasn’t fully calibrated in minutes, just 5 minute markings…. come on… this is quite ok, how accurate do you need to be, a space rocket this is not.

The heat range as you can see is 100 deg C to 250 deg C ( 212 F  to 480F ) absolutely fine especially considering the smaller cooking area. As I mentioned earlier, be careful not to raise the food too high, or the top may burn. The VonShef has the usual THAW and WASH  settings for Thawing out frozen food ( note our article on cook from frozen ) and for the self cleaning mode.



Please note despite the publicity photos shown above with the vegetables and food in the bowl itself, if you don’t leave room for the hot air to go around the food, it will not cook evenly and perhaps not at all !  Always use the wire racks to place the food on. I noted that there was a  comment about it cooking too slowly, this is typical of using the halogen incorrectly, not leaving that vital gap for the hot air. A cooker this size and power should zoom through bacon… or should that be sizzle through!


  • Metal tongs for loading and unloading
  • High wire rack
  • Low wire rack
  • Not included but A 7 litre size heater rack is available see bottom of page


  • 220 volt appliance UK standard
  • size 30 x 30 x 21.8 cm
  • 800 to 900 watt on full power

What Buyers Thought of their VonShef 7L Purchase

I love the Halogen cooker better then the normal cooker I did have one but it was getting old and I decided to buy another in which im delighted with my buy from this seller, Thank you so much I would recommend this product to anyone.

Arrived as stated, well packed, cooked well. Recommended.


Conclusion: Compared to others the VonShef is great value for money, as the only 7 Litre model, I think it must do well, there have been  many  emails and comments on the site asking when these smaller models will be available. I did a quick check in the local supermarkets and none had this model, so buy with confidence on Amazon. I would rate it 8/10. Good performance , reasonable build quality and materials, excellent price


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