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Hi and Welcome to our review section. The Halogen oven market is now well established in the US and below is a summary of the reviews of the best current models. To make the reviews more rounded, I have now included some infrared convection ovens, the only difference being the type of heating element. All the models shown have been tested and we have tried to give all the main points noticed during review, from delivery time, packing quality, potential problems, energy use, overall build quality, value for money and performance.

Also taken into consideration are the reviews and feedback from customers who have already bought these versatile oven products and sent in their feedback to this and other websites, to give a better all round feel for the products, especially if a fault has been noticed by more than one customer.

Our Halogen and Infrared Convection  Cooker Reviews will rate the best currently available products: Click pictures below to see the  full review.

Fagor 12 Quart Halogen-150See the full Review The Winner


Exceptional value from one of the lowest priced cookers in the review. Workhorse, well made. Standard design, comes with a full range of accessories.Rated 8/10


NuWave 20326See the full Review

2.NuWave 20326

Well made product should last well. Great cooking results , slightly higher price. Many reviews said it cooks very well but the plastic dome does become discolored or cracks – however it is cheap to replace.

Rated this 7/10 recommended


Oyama_150See the full Review

3.Oyama TRO-110U

Simple. Very cheap. Does the Job well. Conventional design and heating element rather than Halogen. Should last well. Only couple of accessories. Great first buy.

Rated 6/10 mainly on price

SharperImage8246_150See the full Review

4.Sharper Image 8246

New model with digital controls and Halogen heater , ext ring and good range of accessories 

review rating was 6/10

Sunpentown SO2002 See the full Review

5.Sunpentown SO-2002

Huge improvement over the 2000 model and new Infrared technology in the heating element

rating was 6/10

The Sharper Image 8217 See the full Review

6.Sharper Image 8217

Good results but too many problems reported , otherwise ok review rating was 4/10

US-Secura997full_150See the full Review

7. Secura Turbofry 997 

Overall a superb cooker, the hinged lid is a great advantage for safety and convenience we rated the Secura 9/10 Not currently available


US-FlavorwaveTurboOven-150See the full Review

8.Flavorwave Turbo Oven 

Excellent results, very few problems, great price but lacks the range of accessories 6/10 recommended

US-Morningware3-150See the full Review

9.Morningware HO1200M-WR Halo Oven

Very Impressed. Was our no1 choice now no longer available

 good solid halogen oven with no problems and great results,we rated it 9/10 highly recommended NO LONGER AVAILABLE

US-Sunpentown SO-2000 Super Turbo-150See the full Review


10.Sunpentown SO-2000

Poor quality control so a lot of similar problems reported , otherwise ok review rating was 4/10

US-BigBoss Rapid WaveSee the full Review


11.Big Boss Rapid Wave 

Some good comments about cooking, but too many reports of poor service dept and parts so we are unable to recommend this product 1/10

US-Secura77MH-150See the full Review

12.Secura 777MH

despite being praised in most of the feedback as well made and doing the cooking well several reviewers had disastrous electrical flaws we are unable to recommend this product 0/10



All the  models reviewed  are available through Amazon , who we recommend after many years of trading with them for


The reviews take into account the overall value, cooking functionality and its service life expectancy. Our advice when considering which model to buy, is to consider things long term. For example, is the manufacturer willing to stand behind the product if there are shortcomings or failures. On some cookers the halogen lamp life seemed to be much shorter or was vunerable to shock damage shortening the life of the cooker. So it would pay to check  if the halogen lamp is easily replacable. Unfortunately not all the units tested had replaceable lamp elements or were easy to change. So check this out before buying and refer to our reviews where any such  problems have been pointed out.




2 thoughts on “USA Oven Reviews”

  1. The Morningware Oven HO-1200 is a wonder. It works really well … when it works. I’ve had two of them fail on me at this point. The first stopped working after I had checked it out for a variety of uses: beef jerky (185 for 2hr 15mn), baked potatoes (400 for 1hr), and various meats and chicken at their recommended settings. Everything fine. But when it stopped working I contacted Morningware. Excellent, friendly service and help. A new head (the top part with all the cooking parts) came right away. Then came winter of 2013. I didn’t do any cooking in it for about four months. Today I started a batch of beef jerky. Set it and started it. Went to take a nap. Woke up with burning smell. The unit had apparently switched to its default of 400 degrees and everything was burnt to a crisp. But worse, the unit wouldn’t turn off, on, or pause. I unplugged it. Now the unit doesn’t work at all. Nothing. I wish it would, it did great work when working, but this is the second full failure of unit in about 2 years. I take this as not worth the trouble and cost. A definite “not buy” in my book. Back to regular oven and Cuisainart toaster oven. And I will now buy a dehydrator instead for the jerky.

    • Thanks Gary, The Morningware was my No 1 choice not so long ago, but following your comments and one other with very similar problems, plus the very good review of the latest Secura and especially the Fagor models in the US review, I have reassessed my top 10 results. I am pleased to hear that Morningwares excellent reputation for after sales service is still good.


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