Bread and Butter Marmalade Pudding


75 g sultanas
3 tbsp dark rum
75g unsalted butter

10 slices brown or white bread
1tbs ginger marmalade
4 egg yolks
1 egg medium
3tbs caster sugar
500ml double cream
200ml milk ( full fat)

1tsp ground ginger
2tbs demarara sugar

Served with either more cream or custard


Add the Rum to the sultanas in a bowl  microwave them for 1 min then leave to cool and soak 1 hour
Butter the bread ( both sides) with melted butter then spread some marmalade on one side only.
Cut each slice diagonally and layer around on cake tin

Add the rum flavoured sultanas between the slices

Whisk the yolks (4) and the egg together with the caster sugar. Add the cream and milk

Pour the mixture over the bread, leave it to soak in for four hours

Brush the crusts with the  ginger/dem sugar mixture

Place in the Halogen cooker for 30 min on the lower rack at a heat setting of 195 deg C

Finally dust with demerara sugar, spots of butter and serve with fresh cream or custard



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