Pork chops with Apricot


2 Eating Apples

3 Dried Apricots

1 Clove Garlic

2 tablesp fresh breadcrumbs

2 tablesp apple juice

Salt and Pepper

2 good size Pork Chops on the Bone

Olive oil



Using the Airfryer attachment, preheat to 190°C

Core the apples and slice fairly thinly

Chop the apricots

Crush the Garlic

Make the stuffing by mixing the breadcrumbs, apple juice and apricots plus the garlic

Cut a cavity in each chop and fill with the stuffing.

Place on the airfryer, paint with a little oil and cook for 10 mins each side, check they are completely cooked through

Variants:  You can use different fruit and nuts too. For me Apricots and Apple worked best but try peach or mango. For a different stuffing altogether you can use white cheese and combine with pine nuts, this goes very well with pasta.

Making the cavity in the Chops is easily done but take care not to slice right through, it needs to hold the stuffing in whilst cooking.

Lastly, it will cook more slowly with stuffing than without so check it has cooked right through, preferably with a thermometer, it should reach at least 150°C inside.


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