NuWave Primo Dual Element Cooking

NuWave, truly  an innovative design company, has come up with this dual element grill model, which looks like a winner

They have stuck to their plastic bowl/cover material which although less durable than glass is lighter, safer from burns touching the cover and from fragments if you drop the cover unit and it is cheaper to replace. Yes you can actually buy new covers ! 

So… to the details:

You can set the % heat from the upper and lower elements. The top element is the conventional heater and fan, the bottom is a grill element, ridged to give chargrille effect.

The wire, visible on the picture above is the sensor, which feeds back temperature to the control box, making sure its cooking at the correct rate.

Primo Construction and Cleaning

With their previous ovens NuWave used a plastic dome attached to the control head. This meant it was difficult to clean

They have now addressed the cleaning problem. The dome comes right off, ready for the dishwasher. 

Controls On the Primo


Really well laid out, all the detail you need.

Top/Bottom power, Temperature and Time setting.

Plus a clear display unit, showing whats going on.

Preset Programs

The Primo comes with no fewer than 100 recipes already programmed in memory!

You can program 99 of your own most-used settings into  it. Not only temperature and time, but in stages. You could for example cook for 1 hour and sear for 5 minutes.

The heat is measured, so unlike previous cookers, there is no more guesswork, the probe makes certain that the temperature is reached.


The Primo uses 2 Infra Red heating elements, fan above and grille below

  • 1500 watt
  • 90cm power cord
  • Temperature 60°F to 425°F  in 1° increments
  • Timer 0 to 60 minutes Auto shutoff
  • 100 totally programmable cooking settings
  • Program a delayed start, Reheat or Keep Warm
  • Weight 12.8 pounds
  • Dimensions 14 x 14 x 13 inches
  • Designed to cook for a family – easily

What the buyers Said...


Having used this oven almost daily for over 6 months, I now have a good handle on my likes and dislikes as compared to my Elite oven and previous models. The feature I love about this oven are:
– Food doesn’t have to be flipped to cook both sides.
– There are 100 pre-programmed cooking setting you can use and up to 99 settings you can set for foods you cook regularly. These settings can contain multiple cooking stages.
– The probe can be used to measure internal cook temperatures and the cooking will automatically stop when the set temperature is reached.
– The grill creates wonderful grill marks when the oven is preheated.
– Stage cooking can be easily programmed for either one-time cooking or saved as a preset. For example, you can set a roast to sear for 5 minutes and then roast for a set time.
– By baking from both sides, air frying foods produces wonder results, producing a crisp outside and a very moist inside.


As a long time owner of Nuwave ovens my initial impression of the Nuwave Primo oven is all positive.
The grilling feature addresses the main chink in the armor of previous versions of the Nuwave ovens which was that you had to physically turn the food over because the source of heat was coming only from the top of the oven.
Another major improvement is the addition of the cooking probe feature.
The ability to set the oven to automatically shut when you reach the desired internal temperature of the food your cooking is a great tool to have in a oven.
The Primo also has the ability to program stage cooking,which the Nuwave elite oven also has.
I was able to cook a thin crust frozen pizza in 9 minutes(no preheating).Making pizza in previous Nuwave ovens was a real pain because the crust would not cook unless you flipped the pizza over.
I also have cooked a whole chicken using the probe feature and that went well also.

Rating and Recommendation

NuWave provides an excellent user manual. Reviewing Ovens and AirFryers for my  website, I never thought I would say that! Other manufacturers should be ashamed. It details how to use the unit, how to program the settings and has a few detailed recipes too. It is written in 2 sections English and Spanish.

Previous models have all used the plastic dome material and it has been a little off-putting.

However, it does have good advantages. It is light so users can maneuver the dome much more easily than any glass bowl model especially when it’s hot.  Ideal if the user is elderly or infirm.

Loading the cooker is so easy without the dome. Brilliant!

The dome is now detachable from the heater/control , so its very easy to clean

NuWave will continue to fully honor the dome guarantee, in fact, they have extended the guarantee and continue to sell the domes, as spares, to make the unit future-proof.

There is no doubt that this is light years ahead of the competition with its programmable settings. The whole unit is well built and thoughtfully designed, the icing on the cake is the provision of the temp sensor, which takes the guesswork out of cooking.

Excellent Totally Recommend it


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