Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

The Halogen cooker is very versatile, it is also very portable. This year I took it camping!  We had an electric hook up and it proved to be perfect in the tent. I have always been all too aware that cooking in a  tent with the usual gas canister type cooker can be hazardous. I remember too my Dads old parafin stove, that was positively lethal !.

Compared to a simple camping gas stove, the Halogen oven was so versatile, complete and varied menus more or less the same as at home, depending of course on whether I could buy what I needed, in the local shop.

Easiest of all….. TOAST! The halogen cooker makes brilliant toast and so…. quick .

Eggs, scrambled is our favourite, the Halogen dishes up perfect scramblies, I like mine a little more firm than the kids do ,  so pour out a bit earlier enough for them and continue just another 30 sec for me.

Bayou potatoes Bacon and Eggs

Bayou potatoes Bacon and Eggs

Bacon , eggs and Bayou potatoes. Start  with the potatoes cut in half on the lower rack, use a little oil or butter, add spices to taste ( paprika, thyme, garlic, onion,  oregano or  pepper  go well ) when they are nearly ready, put the bacon on the top rack above the potatoes, the eggs can be done very quickly in the fry pan on the lower rack, last.

One advantage of the halogen, when the washing up needs doing and there are a lack of volunteers, all the cooking pans are very small ! The main bowl can be left to self wash automatically for 10 mins….. priceless !


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