A New Way to Cook: Halogen Ovens vs. Conventional

The topic of this article is a comparison between halogen ovens and conventional ovens. We will look at their features, advantages, disadvantages, energy efficiency, cooking quality, maintenance & durability, price range & availability to determine which one is better. Cooking is an essential part of any household, and it requires the use of various appliances … Read more

Fitting a Replacement Halogen Lamp in Andrew James Ovens

In many Halogen ovens, a broken lamp means end of business! Not so with the thoughfully designed Andrew James range. Even a complete duffer like me is able to master this very simple procedure. 1. DISCONNECT THE POWER AT THE WALL SOCKET    Simple Replacement for an Andrew James Digital 12Litre Oven First take out … Read more

Air Fryer Vs Halogen Oven: Which is the Ultimate Appliance

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without some kind of appliance that makes cooking easier and more efficient. Two such appliances that have been very popular in recent years are halogen ovens and Airfryers. In short the answer to Which is Better? is it depends on your cooking style and how many you … Read more

How to Use a Halogen Oven: for Best Results

Introduction to the innovative Halogen Oven How to use a halogen oven to steam, fry, roast and bake better and faster than any other cooking appliance. Learn how to turn its best features like quick warm up, economical use, even cooking, expandable cooking area, easy set up controls, and see through cooking chamber to get … Read more

EU Halogen Lamp Ban and your Halogen Oven – what you need to know

**** DO NOT WORRY THE BAN EXCLUDES HALOGEN OVEN LAMPS ***** Europe-wide Halogen Bulb Ban 2018 – the main points Earlier this month, the European Union (EU) took a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy efficiency by voting to ban the sale of Halogen lightbulbs across the bloc. This decision comes after … Read more

Halogen Oven vs Toaster Oven: The Best of Both Worlds

The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth comparison between these two types of cooking appliances. You can then make an informed decision about which one would be best suited for your needs. We will take into consideration their features and benefits, cooking techniques used with each appliance as well as their energy … Read more

Directory of Manufacturers

If you need a manual or want to ask about a product’s size, weight, or anything else, you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly. Find help with your products quickly Common Questions

Joyoung Innovative Air Fryer with the perfect design

What do I mean by “Perfect Design” , simply this: Safe, so the operator doesn’t get burnt, using the appliance, Safe, if young fingers touch the outside of the appliance. Digital Display so you can see the settings. Digital settings, so the programs are repeatable, a window to see your food cooking without opening it, … Read more

Energy Saving LIVIVO With Digital Display and Easy Controls

Another fine product from Livivo, Digital Halogens are – speedy and economical can see the food cooking easy to set up great LED display big 17 litre capacity Livivo Digital Specifications 12 litre capacity / 17 with extender 1200 watt heating element Temp 60 to  250 degrees C Timer 60 min  Lid handle cuts power … Read more

Cookworks Digital Halogen Oven

Cookworks Specifications 10 litre capacity / 15 litre with extender fitted 1400 watt max heating element Temp 60 to 250 degrees in 10° increments   Timer 120 min  Lid handle cuts power off Dimensions (cm) 32 x 41 x 33 Weight 6.38kg Accessories: 2 racks high and low, extender ring, grips12 The Cookworks Digital Halogen Oven … Read more

Emperial Premium Black 17L Halogen Convection Oven

A solid contender from the Emperial team, basic, good engineering, with everything you need, and well built. Although it’s a generic model, it is one of the top-selling models and has very good reviews This Halogen Oven has a standard One-hour timer and simple dial controls.  With its super-fast heating method this is an ideal … Read more

Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe 17L 1300W

A solid contender from the Daewoo Halogen team, basic, good engineering, with everything you need, and well built The Daewoo Halogen Oven has a standard One-hour timer and simple dial controls.  With its super-fast heating method this is an ideal cooker for the winter of 2022 when our gas and electricity prices are going off … Read more

Beat The Rising Energy Costs Discover The Lowest Cost Cooking

2022 Gets even worse with spiralling costs Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine attempt is now in its seventh month. The price of oil is slowly on the way down, if it manages to go sub 60 dollars, then the Putin regime will be out of cash, as gas exports seem to be their only income, … Read more

NuWave Primo Dual Element Cooking

NuWave, truly  an innovative design company, has come up with this dual element grill model, which looks like a winner They have stuck to their plastic bowl/cover material which although less durable than glass is lighter, safer from burns touching the cover and from fragments if you drop the cover unit and it is cheaper … Read more

The Air Fryer Attachment for Halogen Ovens

This is a device which you can add  to any halogen oven with a standard size bowl.  It fits between the heating element top and the glass bowl  It cooks chips like nothing else… perfect  Construction of the ring frame The basic framework for the air fryer is the standard extender ring, if you are … Read more

Nutrichef 48 Oven with AirFryer Attachment

The Nutrichef 485 comes with a secret weapon.  Not much is said about it in the Advertising publicity or in the video. In fact, the video shows the unit with a totally different fitting.  Its the Air Fryer Attachment! And this will make the difference between a good useful kitchen gadget and a Great one!  … Read more

New Safe JML Halowave Halogen Oven

Safety First This is a best seller in the Halogen Oven category, I think the design – using a plastic basket outside the glass cooking bowl is a great idea, from a safety point of view. Anyone with kids knows how dangerous the kitchen can be. With this product, little hands are kept at bay … Read more

Beat the Rising Energy Bills

2022 More Price Rises 2022 update : Since writing this is Nov 2013, we now have an even more threatening crisis, looming up.  Ukraine and Russia are in conflict, so Russian gas supplies to Europe may be completely cut off by sanctions forcing EU to buy in from more expensive sources.  After the effects of … Read more

Halogen Oven Cooking Time Guide

Here is a very useful guide, when you are getting to know your way around the Halogen Cooker use these as a starting point – courtesy of Cook Shop TemperatureConversionChart

Which Are The Best All Round 2023 UK Halogen Ovens

Search our Halogen Oven Selector Table below for the one that suits your needs, your kitchen features, price, and size. Read our reviews on the top tech Discover and read our reviews of the latest Cookers with the best features Which new brand has a rotisserie built in? What is the safest design for your … Read more