Fitting a Replacement Halogen Lamp in Andrew James Ovens

In many Halogen ovens, a broken lamp means end of business! Not so with the thoughfully designed Andrew James range. Even a complete duffer like me is able to master this very simple procedure.

Simple Replacement for an Andrew James Digital 12Litre Oven

First take out the three screws holding the lamp cover and place it to one side. The lamp is held in place


With 3 clips ( indicated by the white arrows ), which are easily opened up, the old lamp can then be gently prised out. To release the electrical connector just take out the screw indicated with the RED arrow, squeeze the lock to open the connector.

Hal lamp_450
Fitting the replacement is just following the above instructions in reverse.
Easy !

Buying a Replacement Heater Element

The lamp can be found , specifically for the Andrew James 12L Halogen Oven  in the AndrewJamesWorldwide website, Amazon and even Ebay. Be sure to buy the correct one for your model
Hal lamp_150






To Buy from Andrew James Worldwide website

A Tricky procedure with most other Halogen Ovens

With the majority of Halogen Ovens on the market, the process is still possible, but is not so easy as this video shows with one of the Ziks Fix videos. Removal of the Fan and the heater assembly is necessary just to get to the heater electrical connections deep in the body of the unit. Then you  would have to make a good electrical connection to your new element, which means shortening the cables and then insulating them properly. All of which is a longish task, even for an experienced repair man.


6 thoughts on “Fitting a Replacement Halogen Lamp in Andrew James Ovens”

  1. Can the fan on the andrew james digital halogen oven be replaced it has light and hezt but cant hear the fan going any more thank you tina

  2. My bulb stopped working, so I replaced it with the spare I had. This didn’t work, but fan is still working. Am I unlucky with spare bulb or could it be something else?

    • If the power is getting to the fan, check if the bulb goes to a separate fuse, which may have blown ( make certain you use the EXACT replacement ) . Check your connections to the new lamp. Check the replacement lamp, although its usually easy to see if its no good just by inspection. TAKE CARE WHEN DEALING WITH THE INSIDES NEVER LEAVE THE MAINS PLUGGED IN WHILST WORKING ON IT!!!

  3. What did you do to realise the three screws, as they are firmly stuck in the cooker, probably because of the heat and use.

    • It doesn’t always work but mechanics use a solvent/thin oil spray which helps, leave it a good while after spraying, before attempting to unscrew. If it wasn’t a lamp, giving it a tap often works wonders, but not recommended with the Halogen Ovens.


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