Roast Chicken

1 Large chicken approx 2.4kg

2 tsp of sea salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp mixed herbs

2 tbsp olive oil

Roast Chicken


1 Wash the chicken and pat dry with cloth then  place it directly onto the lower rack.

2 In a small bowl, mix olive oil, salt,pepper and herbs and using a pastrybrush,

brush this mixture all over the bird.

3 Replace the halogen lid, set the

timer to 60 minutes and temperature to 190ºC

Roast until golden brown, turning half way and  starting upside down. Test the chicken at the end of the cooking time by using a  skewer into the leg of the chicken to ensure that the juices run clear.

If they are slightly pink, cook for another 10 minutes.

4 Save the cooking juices from the chicken to make the gravy.

Notes: I usually use the extender ring especially if the chicken is large, it prevents ( to a degree ) splatter into the lamp unit and cooks more evenly, not a prone to burning the top, although you do have to experiment with a slightly longer cooking time

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  1. Thank you have just got one and have not got a clue! Chicken size – cooking time but this really helped give me an idea of timings etc.

  2. Hi Just bought a halogen cooker also and I also have no clue. But I would like to roast a chicken with veggies and you have both recipes but they are cooked separately (roast chicken and Roasted vegetables). Can I mix these 2 recipes somehow so I can cook them at the same time together? Thanks

    • Hi Mari,
      You will soon be able to receive my own and some recipes I’ve been given , straight to your email box ! Lookout for the Newsletter opt in at the bottom of the screen coming very soon.

  3. Hi Jennifer! firstly thanks, this site is very good for those new to Halogens and those of us that have had one for a while, I bought my first one after tasting a chicken cooked in one and must admit it’s the main thing I use it for, but I have used it to cook full roast dinners, I noticed a few comments on Cooking times for chickens, I’ve done small ones and large ones and tend to give them the same amount of cooking time, I do them for 45 minutes breast down then 45/55 breast up, on 180deg, I actually find it’s pretty hard to overcook chickens, I accidently cooked a small chicken for two hours and it still came out tender and juicy, if your doing roast veg in there with the chicken and it starts to look done before the chicken I just take it out and put it back in for the last ten minutes of cooking, with most other stuff I just stick to the recommended times on the packet, the saving I find comes from not having to heat an oven up for 15 minutes before you can use it, though I have read you can reduce the cooking times with halogen, my lastest one arrived today which is why I ended up here lookig for more things to cook, my new one has a rotisserie basket for chips and stuff plus prongs that fit the bar for rotisserie chicken, it was on special on one of our shopping channels and I couldn’t help myself, looks like chicken for dinner today.

  4. Just received my first halogen oven. Can you use roasting bags for chicken etc or is the meat best left uncovered?

  5. I’ve had a halogen oven for some time but not used it much as the meat seldom cooks through. I’m hoping your recipes will solve my problem. Can I cook casseroles directly in the bowl or must I always use an extra casserole dish? And can the whole meal be cooked together when doing meat/poultry and veg? I’m also confused as to which rack to use.
    Looking forward to your response in due course
    Kind regards

  6. Just bought a halogen oven to tak on holiday. We have a motorhome and although it has a fitted oven we do not use it as it situated above the fridge and I need to be at least 5ft 10 to use it safely ( I’m only 5ft 4), so this oven seems to be the ideal alternative. Have just tried cooking a chicken. Put it in a roasting bag together with some herbs and spices. It is DELICIOUS! Need to know how to cook veg to go with it

  7. Hi using for first time — help — with the chicken do I just place it in big glass bowl & do or don’t I add water thanks in advance

    • If you are just roasting a chicken , use the wire rack to cook on and the extender ring is useful especially if it’s a big bird.

    • Turn to any of the recipes on the website and check the side bar. I like Paul Brodels Halogen Cooking made simple for its range of recipes and simplicity.

  8. I’m making a pork roast in the fagor halogen oven. Is it ok to cook it in a large baking bag, like you’d use to bake a turkey in?

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  10. I just received a Halogen and I am clueless at the age of nearly 60. I would to receive your emails if they have anything to do with simple halogen recipes. Thank you for being willing to share you ideas and comments.

  11. Can you cook a turkey in it. It’s a 14lbs. I have the extending ring. Need to know temp. and how long.

  12. Have just bought a Halogen Oven and this is most helpful Jennifer. I woukd really appreciate any recipies and/or advice you have. My plan is to get rid of the microwave asap.

  13. I have also just bought a Halogen oven. I think the manufacturers should be more specific about their instructions especially for older people who are not confident with the internet.
    I was so pleased to see your blog or I would have returned mint and got my money back!

  14. I think you can cook vegetables, ie pots/carrots/onion etc together with a chicken?
    Any advice which implements to use please?
    Maybe chicken on lower rack, veg’s on top rack?

  15. Hi
    Just purchased a halogen oven so any hints or recipes would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try the roast chicken, yorkshires and roast potatoes this weekend so wish me luck!

  16. Hi Jennifer
    Thanks for the chicken recipe. I have a Delta Halogen Oven I bought about 3 years ago and never used it and I have also misplaced the instructions. Could you please email me a few recipes i.e. lamb, beef and fish.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Imelda Doyle, Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland

  17. I just bought a Beau mark Halogen oven, the other day, happy to see that people really like them, using your chicken recipe Saturday to explore the cooking 🙂


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