All these recipes have been written specifically with the Halogen Cooker in mind, to give the very best results

Also read how to convert standard recipes for the Halogen Oven  how much should you reduce cooking time and which foods cook faster so need lower heat settings.

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  1. I love this cooker but there is not a lot of recipes out there – The only thing I have cooked in mine is roasted chicken I just put an onion and lemon in the body of the chicken coat it with olive oil and sprinkle chicken season on it – my granddaughter will only eat the chicken I make in this cooker.
    it is amazing just wish for more recipes.

  2. I love this oven ideal for elderly cooks no bending for conventional oven easy to use and easy to see items cooking brilliant and best results ever for oven chips I would highly recommend this oven

  3. I bought Crofton halogen oven couple of yrs back and it has made my cooking and baking a lot easier.I try any recipe and it turns out to be marvelous .I only needed to understand the temp initially because it’s a small close heating space so require less time for heating up and cooking than conventional ovens.Also it utilises less electricity its much easier to clean it up .I absolutely love it.

  4. How do you cook chicken breasts and roast potatoes at the same time as the cooking times will vary

    • As I have detailed elsewhere on the blog, par boil the potatoes, chicken breasts won’t take as long as a whole chicken, so I would cook them 35 mins with the potatoes on the lower rack (no water ) they should be done in about the same time, but keep checking and add on if not completely cooked. It will vary with the size of the potatoes, so make a note for next time.
      Let me know how you get on.

  5. I have a Secura Turbo Oven Pro (cookbook pamphlet says Model 798DH & 777MH. I have never successfully cooked anything in it. Over the past years I’ve tried several recipes from this pamphlet and have had dried out chicken, Potato Au Gratin that needed double the cooking time and added milk, Bacon and Eggs Breakfast that has only one comment next to the recipe – “ug.”

    Last night I met a lady who has used her NuWave oven so much she wore it out, and bought a new one. She can cook a frozen chicken in 15 minutes and it’s juicy. My Secura recipe says to cook a whole chicken 1 hour and 20 minutes. What is the advantage in that? I can cook the chicken faster in a conventional oven.

    Do I just have the wrong oven, or the wrong recipes? I will explore your recipes as soon as I can.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Either the ovens were faulty, which is a bit unlikely with this very popular make, or the recipe is perhaps adapted from a conventional recipe badly and never tested or it could just be that you haven’t left room for the hot air to circulate?
      The NuWave is certainly efficient, but 15mins is very fast, when comparing, are you trying to cook the same size bird? How have you placed the Chicken in the bowl? It needs to be raised onto the wire rack, turned half way thru ( start it the wrong way up ) . I prefer to cook for longer and use the extender ring, results are more even cooking, and as a bonus the lamp isn’t so splattered with chicken fat, after use.

  6. I’ve had the oven for 3 weeks now and havent used the stove since I bought it .I’ve cooked roast pork with crackling , roast chicken , made my own chips from scratch , cooked frozen foods like fish and chicken .I like the fact you can see whats going on which was a great boon for the cackling . Altogether the roast pork took 1 hour and 40 mins at full blast at the beginning for the crackling then down to 190 and I turned the roast over twice making sure the crackling was never on the bottom I threw in the vegies an hour before the roast was ready .As time goes by I am learning how long and at what temp you should cook things . The food tastes better IMO and from someone who enjoys cooking I am so glad I bought the oven Between the halogen and the microwave I have made the stove obsolete and it’s gonna save on electricity

    • Depends what you’re cooking…
      Steaming – put a bowl of water in the bottom
      Roasting – some people swear by those little spray cooking oils


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