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Ingredients ( the quantities given are  cups = 236ml ) although the amounts are fairly unimportant )

4 Bananas ripe ones are ok

1 cup Sugar

1.5 cups Flour ( gen purpose)

Peanut  Butter( quarter cup)

1 Egg

quarter cup of walnuts

third of cup of butter

baking soda ( 1 teaspoon )

quarter cup sour cream

Cinnamon Salt Allspice Flour

Vanilla ( half teaspoon)



Mash the Bananas, melt the butter and beat a  whole egg into a bowl.

Chop the walnuts and add to the  mixture the sugar, vanilla  a dash of salt. Then add the cream, peanut butter, baking soda , a dash of cinnamon and the allspice.

Mix thoroughly then add the flour SLOWLY a quarter cup at a time, mixing constantly.

Then pour into your bread tin, use  non stick spray , cook for 50 min at 175 C

When it has cooled at least 20 min invert the tin onto the serving tray and slice


peanutbutter banana bread

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