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We investigated the latest UK Halogen models from Cooks Professional , Andrew James, Tower, JML, Team Visicook, Breville, Empirial and others, here are our critical reviews and recommendations

The Halogen oven market is now well established and we present to you the best current models. All the models shown have been tested for :-

  • Delivery & Packing
  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Convenience
  • Build Quality
  • Specification
  • Accessories
  • Spare parts
  • Value for money

Also taken into consideration are the reviews sent into this and other websites, to give a better all-round feel for the products, especially if more than one reviewer has noticed a fault.

Our Halogen Cooker Reviews will rate the best currently available: Click “read the full review”  to go to each full review page

Our Top Three Halogen Ovens

Digital  Halogen Oven 

Rating 10/10 best features, accessories, price and guarantee
Available in Grey and Black  

Best designed cooker for a decade! Fantastic value 9/10

Excellent Standard Design

Safe ‘cage’ design, standard layout and performance

Which were the best UK models?

The very best two, are relative newcomers to this market, both with superb design and value

  1.  Top recommendation then is the Livivo 12/17 litre Halogen, a safe, standard halogen with Digital controls, well made and a very good price.
  2. The most innovative design small cooker is our 2nd Place winner from Joyoung, a relatively new manufacturer. They have got everything right! As long as you don’t want a really big family size cooker, this is my choice
  3. JML managed third place , due to consistency. Well made updated design with good safety feature to avoid burns from that hot glass  bowl and a good example of a time tried design. Simple and good value.

For the best part of the last 10 years, the top title belonged to The Andrew James – Hinged lid Halogen. A great company, producing safe, well-made, and serviceable products. Their models used the Hinged Lid design which I love – no jiggling about with a red hot heater lid. And the easily replaceable Halogen Lamp. 

Shopping on Amazon

All our models are available through Amazon , we recommend Amazon after many years of trading with them for Security when paying, fair customer service, best price and the best delivery service.

Our advice when considering which model to buy would have to exclude all non branded products, although a lot of the halogen cookers were extremely similar, so much so that you would be excused thinking they all were produced by the same factory, see my article on “shoddy goods“.  The life of the cooker will be much longer if the halogen lamp is easily replaceable. Unfortunately not all the units tested had replaceable lamp elements or were easy to change. So check this out before buying and refer to our reviews where these problems are noted for you.

Halogen Oven Comparison Table

availReviewDigit timeTemp-HighExtendWattsCapacityDxWxHWeightPriceRating
yCooks Proy6050-230no130010350x436x3306.21£119.994
yLivivoy18060-250yes140012 to 17395x395x3156.1£69.994.5
yLivivo Stdn6060-250yes140012 to 17330x390x4006.81£69.993
y Duranen60250yes140012 to 17e370x370x270e6.5£43.984
y Schallenn60125-250yes130012 to 17360x230x3606.72£59.994
yCookworksy12060-250yes140010 to 15320x410x3306.38£100.993
y Lewisn60125 to 250yes130012 to 17300x250x8006.31£48.994
yTefal Actifry Geniusye60e180no15201.2kg476x328x2635.02£188.005
yJoyoungy24h37 to 205no15005.5350x350 x3205.49£129.995
y Oyplan60125 to 250no140012370x370x2706.5£44.992
y Tong ‎169-211-619y24h100 -200no15008e350x436x330e6.0£148.523
yAndrew James Hingedy60200Yes140012 to 17330x340x4706.36£79.995
nAndrew James Stdn60250Yes130012 to 17400x400x3306.2£49.994.5
nTower T14001n60125 -250Yes130012 to 17e420x350x350e6.5£46.964
n GeePasn60125-250yes140012 to 17476x328x2631.4£60.464
n Homcomy6080 to 200no15007370x370x2706.5£0.004
n Electriq HOVn60125-250Yes130012 to17375x368x2406.36£0.003
yEmperialn60125-250yes140012 to 17400x400x3006.2£54.998
yDaewoon60125-251yes130013 to 17400x400x3007£44.007
availReviewDigit timeTemp-HighExtendWattsCapacityDxWxHWeightPriceRating

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Some of the UK Halogen reviews on our website…

Breville VDF065 Halo Health Fryer

Review rating 6/10 great results for frying, fairly high price .Maybe a little limited in use.

Breville VDF105 Halo Health Fryer

Unusual Design, very well made and versatile unit.. 9/10

Cooks Professional digital with rotisserie

Superb new innovative design Well made, built in Rotisserie and hinged lid . Digital controls 7/10

Beaumark AirWave

Halogen with a Rotisserie and hinge lid great value Dial control 7/10

FlavorWave 11 Litre 1300watt

Older design slightly smaller size and only 1300w although price high Rated at  4/10

Clifford James 12L 

Functional , gives good results not many accessories although price is good Rating 4/10

Russell Hobbs 11L

The Russell Hobbs brand has been let down a little with this model One or two drawbacks We gave the Russell Hobbs Halogen a 6/10 rating overall

Charles Jacobs 12L

We gave this oven 8/10 and were impressed with the overall value for money of this product more…Charles Jacobs

Coopers of Stortford 11.5 Litre

In the review ratings we gave the Coopers Halogen Cooker only 4/10 Great customer service, practical oven but may be let down longterm

Habitat Digital Halogen

Cooker 12 Litre 1400watt

Review rated 7/10 Great price and accessories.Poor lid stand but worked perfectly

JML ( John Mills Ltd) Halogen

Due to too numerous faults reported our review rated the JML a rating of 0/10

27 thoughts on “Which Are The Best All Round 2023 UK Halogen Ovens”

  1. Pls advise whether any side effect of using halogen where this is the same concept is oven when experiential prevent that after use of oven, cell of body will reduce. Harmful to body. Traditional way of cooking more safe? Kindly advisee as I tend to buy halogen oven

    • As far as I know, there are no harmful effects generated by the halogen lamps ( or the infrared heater elements ) , actually the method of heating is very close to that of a conventional oven, though there is no danger of partially burnt gas fumes! Even the Halogens using plastic bowls, use a very inert form of plastic, which is unlikely to cause harm. Also very light and will not shatter into sharp fragments , which is sometimes a worry with the heavy glass bowl type

  2. Please can you advise me which is the smallest and best Halogen Oven. 11litre is far too big for me.

    Many thanks

  3. I am currently looking to buy my first halogen oven.. I am confused with so many in the market. would you be able to advise me the best quality ones with the best results?

    many thanks


    • When I went to buy my own Halogen, I found every store or warehouse or online brand had very conflicting recommendations. I suspected that they were just pushing whatever model they had piled up in stock. I started making notes on each one and that’s how the website started.
      I’ve assessed both feedback from customers who have bought the ovens and my own experiences with the Halogen ovens to compile the review that is shown on the website. I took into account any common faults discovered by more than one customer. Quality of build, specifications, ease of use, safety issues with heat and with electricity. Now and then you will find a disatissfied customer, but you have to take a wider view, one off breakages, damage with delivery, electrical failure, all happen occasionally, that’s life, but you can’t condemn a product because of these. But if 3 or more people all notice that rust is building up in one spot, or the electrical contacts are sparking, then I’ll report it in my review of that product and if its serious I’ll say so, if not then I’ll reduce its rank in the results. So the review winners have a combination of the best specifications, best quality build and least problems.

    • The Halogen Oven is so versatile . In most cases users will cook a whole meal, with the meat and the vegetables together, so its easy to see that you would be saving fuel, since for example , you would have maybe 2 rings on the hob going for veg plus the main oven for the meat. Tests that we did here showed a reduction, over a months cooking of roughly similar items and amounts, of about 30%. Generally it will cook faster too, so the electricity is on for a shorter time. These two changes can add up to between 30% to 40% in most cases.
      Sometimes the Halogen comes in real handy as an extra oven to your conventional one, I can reduce the time I spend in the Kitchen at party time, but the advantage is, all the food can arrive on time, you don’t have to cook in batches. I am still learning new tips and tricks after having the Andrew James model for a couple of years now, as you get used to it, you will become more confident that the results will be good every time, so there are savings here both in fuel and in time.

  4. I have seen a Bel Air 1200 watt halogen cooker 14 litres. It has a rotisserie function and kebab facility. Do you know this item ? Is it any good ?e

    • It may be a good product or not. When buying one, bear in mind spare parts, reputation of the manufacturer and is the manufacturer contactable, so many products found in discount warehouses and supermarkets are thrown away needlessly because one of these simple points is missed.

      For more buying guidance I wrote this article 10-things-to-know-before-buying-a-halogen-oven

  5. I have just purchased the jml halo wave and have read your comments on it, is it really that bad that it didn’t get any points or was that for another model.

    • The product on Amazon, which is supplied direct from JML, was first offered for sale 22nd April 2009, I can’t see a different model on Amazon or on the JML site, so as far as I know it’s the same model as we reviewed.

    • Almost certainly made in China. Today’s products from China are a far cry from the early imports though. Thorough checking on product quality during manufacture, plus vast improvements in design have brought quality up. Some of the products on our site are designed in the UK then made in China.

  6. I am disabled and, not being able to prepare fresh meals, rely on microwave “ready meals” for all my hot food.

    Unfortunately most of the “ready meals” available from my local supermarkets are not microwave friendly, as they come in metal containers.

    Am I right in assuming that such “ready meals” will cook well (and brown where necessary) in a halogen cooker, and should I take the cooking times from the packaging, or adjust the times for the halogen cooker?


    • Hi Simon,
      Absolutely. The Halogen cooks ready meals very well, follow the packet instructions and it should be fine, if there are any instructions for “fan assisted” oven, then follow those.
      I have found that some ready meals done in a conventional oven need slightly over cooking, to be properly ready to eat, those with potato in particular ( nothing as horrible as biting into raw spud!! ) . However in my Andrew James model, I follow the times exactly and it comes out perfectly ready.
      As usual experience will find out any anomalies, so once you’ve found your favourite ready meal, stick to the same brand and refine your settings each time.

    • You will need a 38cm X 38.5cm space on the worktop for the AJ model, which is pretty standard size wise

  7. I am elderly unfortunately theAndrew James lift up lid halogen oven I can’t lift lid as my wall cupboard is not higher enough so am considering now buying the lift off lid would value your opinion
    Or would the tower halogen lift off lid be the best for me
    I also mostly have ready meals and do cook frozen chips an other things

    • Both of these are excellent models. If either would fit your height restriction, I would say the Andrew James model.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I’ve not come across this model, bear in mind you usually get what you pay for. Only the well known makes really ever get a thorough review, there isn’t usually enough feedback from buyers of the lesser known makes to get a good idea how good ( or bad ) they are.
      Having said that, we have bought a ‘nameless’ supermarket model for a special occasion, very recently and it works fine. In general though I would always go with a good make, its just better long term.


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