Eating Habits and Long Term Health

Much of the popular press love to bring us new diets, things change rapidly, new research has given some insight into why we act as we do  .  One thing is for sure, as everyone is well aware, there are many more obese people around today than there were a few years ago, it is going to be a major problem as these people get older. Using the Halogen oven to its full potential is just one tool to use when planning a better diet. You can easily produce tasty meals with less fat but with a good range of fresh produce, prepared quickly to maximise the goodness and prevent that ” i’ll just buy some ready meals” laziness from setting in!

Long ago I decided that it was wrong to classify different foods as good or bad. Anything can be bad for you if eaten in great quantity. The best thing you can do is to eat a varied diet, making sure you get the recommended  minimum vitamin and nutrients. Even Ice cream and chocolate are ok now and then, just not every day. Similarly drinking too much coffee or alcohol can do long term damage, coffee will affect your sleep and dehydrate you, alcohol is a poison and should be treated carefully especially with young people under 20. Levels of Liver damage in young people are rising far too fast.

For those who have over indulged, how can you turn back the tide and shed those pounds? Well understanding the bodys mechanisms can give us some ways to control our weight. It is not always simple as cutting down the food intake, there are many factors at work, read Tips on Losing Weight and Staying Healthy, your metabolic rate and how different foods rate.



In another article , I discuss how you can plan a new diet and some ways to make it a little easier to stick to it. In the most effective diet to lose weight , planning how long to take to lose it is most important. Over millions of years we have evolved to use the energy from our food at a certain rate, storing it if its not needed, modern day lifestyles just do not suit our ancestry, we should try to take far more exercise, just a little each day will work wonders, but like dieting , trying to do it all in a short period won’t work, little and often is always better.

Inside us, chemical messages are sent in the blood, the complex cholesterol chemicals respond to what we have eaten and how much energy we expend walking or running, Cholesterol Good and Bad: What to include in any menu to regulate Cholesterol properly.

How does the Halogen Oven fit into all this, quite simply it is a tool. It cooks very well allowing fats to drain from cooking meats. It cooks very quickly so vitamins are retained well. If you use it to steam vegetables especially, you will maintain most of the goodness. When air frying, you use far less of the fats normally used in preparing chips etc. so fat intake will be lower. Most of all the Halogen makes good food taste even better, it should encourage us to abandon “ready meals” use fresh produce and  put a little effort into our cooking   enjoying the healthy results

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  1. I have had a halowave oven for 2 years. Been encouraged to use a microwave. But I am thinking I much prefer my halowave it just seems to cook better. Been encouraged by your website. Have been told how much cheaper a microwave is. So glad to hear it is as cheap as a microwave. Food somehow tastes better too!


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