Mouthwatering Air Fryer Recipes You Need to Try

Explore popular dishes prepared in the Air-Fryer airfryer-egg-toast air-fryer-fish-and-chips airfryer-fajitas airfryer-bread air-fryer-brownies airfryer-chips air-fryer-falafel air-fryer-gnocchi air-fryer-keto recipes air-fryer-muffins air-fryer-nachos air-fryer-omelette air-fryer-pineapple air-fryer-roast beef air-fryer-sweet potato wedges Benefits of Cooking with an Air Fryer Cooking with an air fryer offers numerous benefits that make it a popular choice for many home cooks. First and foremost, using … Read more

PowerXL Maxx Classic 4Qt Compact a Good Value Air Fryer

Combines good looks, a small 4 Qt size footprint, easy operation, clear digital display, and a great sub $90 competitive price Maxx Specifications The Maxx in Everyday Use This is a very capable unit, and the feedback from customers shows very positive reactions. The Maxx is quiet in use compared to many other fryers and … Read more

Dash Tasty Crisp Good Old Fashioned Value

With Digital Controls, LED displays and Recipe App controls, almost universal on Kitchen appliances, why is this air fryer with its now Quaint analog dials so damn popular? This unit was only introduced in March 2022, yet has an amazing 28728 reviews! Available in 5 Colors Dash 6 Qt Specifications Dash 6Qt in Everyday Use … Read more

The Powerful Instant Pot 19Qt Omni Oven is More Than Just an Air Fryer

With a Rotisserie, enamel baking tray, stainless steel oven rack, and air fryer basket, this Oven has it all, it will save you on energy bills, cook way faster than a conventional oven with virtually no warm-up time, thanks to the quartz heating element which cooks with instant IR (infra red) light, similar to a … Read more

Best Value Ultrean4.2 Quart Manual Operation Air Fryer

Not exactly a household name…. yet. What does this relatively new import have to offer? Available in 4 colors, Blue/Green, Black, Red and White The stylish Ultrean has proved very popular attracting over 35000 ratings on Amazon since it was introduced in 2018 Simple Design: There are only manual controls with a Digital LCD display, … Read more

Directory of Manufacturers

If you need a manual or want to ask about a product’s size, weight, or anything else, you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly. Find help with your products quickly Common Questions

Top Selling Cosori 5 Qt Easy Program Air Fryer

California-based company Cosori has one of the best-selling Air Fryers on the 2023 marketplace, lets’s see why this medium-sized Airfryer is so popular. With its tempered glass control panel and dark grey finish, this good-looking appliance is functional and easy – clean Cosori Specifications What Can you Cook In a 5 Qt Size Oven? 5Qt … Read more

NuWave 20326 Infrared Pro Digital

The NuWave 20326 Pro Digital is marketed as an Infrared Cooker, the heater is so similar I decided to include it in my reviews. You will no doubt be familiar with the NuWave TV ads Upside Down Design Unlike almost all infrared convection Ovens, when you remove the top, with its Halogen heating element, with … Read more

Slow Cookers

Once again, simple design, great results, convenience, and economics rise to the top. The humble slow cooker has been around a long time. The expected steep rise in Fuel prices, in winter 2022 will make the slow cooker very popular, as it uses so little electricity.  Most Economical Cooker If you are looking at slow … Read more

A Complete Beginners Guide To The Air Fryer

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide to the air fryer, we will explore the wonderful world of air frying and provide you with all the information you need to know to get started. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or just looking for a healthier alternative to deep frying, the air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance … Read more

Beat The Rising Energy Costs Discover The Lowest Cost Cooking

2022 Gets even worse with spiralling costs Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine attempt is now in its seventh month. The price of oil is slowly on the way down, if it manages to go sub 60 dollars, then the Putin regime will be out of cash, as gas exports seem to be their only income, … Read more

US AirFryer Reviews

New for 2023 is our round-up of US Airfryer models Whats the best Air Fryer for 2023? Check Out Our Air Fryer Comparison Table Below Check makes and models with similar capacity, are they economical? Are they speedy? Are the controls Digital or Analog? Is there an App? You can sort the table all these … Read more

Quick and Easy Nuwave Brio Airfryer with 100 programs

Versatile Fryer This model gives unprecedented control with not only 100 presets and 50 more that you program yourself, but up to 5 stages within each program! You can Sear, followed by gentle heat, followed by high heat for a short period….. you get the idea. Programs have been around a while but this is … Read more

How to Clean an Airfryer Heating Element

If you have experienced this, don’t worry its usually nothing worse than a build up of splatter around the heater. Basically the higher fat foods do produce a small amount of ‘splatter’ when cooking in the Philips range of airfryers. The heater area is difficult to clean, but the technique described on their website will … Read more

Klarstein 4 rack Dehydrator

Klarstein a German manufacturer, comes to the UK  with high quality kitchen appliances.  This food dehydrator is well made, functional and laid out, with sufficient guidance for even total beginners to get going fast. The stainless steel wire mesh shelves will last well very sturdy construction.   Well constructed, hardy stainless steel materials, big fan, … Read more

Cooks Professional Food Dehydrator 5 Tier

Cooks Professional have products in almost all my categories, dehydrators are no exception, this budget product has good specification and unless you’re a commercial operator, will work well for you over many years.   Just starting or experimenting…? Load one tray, or two…. Controls On the Tefal Easy Fryer Very simple Time and Temperature … Read more

NuWave Primo Dual Element Cooking

NuWave, truly  an innovative design company, has come up with this dual element grill model, which looks like a winner They have stuck to their plastic bowl/cover material which although less durable than glass is lighter, safer from burns touching the cover and from fragments if you drop the cover unit and it is cheaper … Read more

The Air Fryer Attachment for Halogen Ovens

This is a device which you can add  to any halogen oven with a standard size bowl.  It fits between the heating element top and the glass bowl  It cooks chips like nothing else… perfect  Construction of the ring frame The basic framework for the air fryer is the standard extender ring, if you are … Read more

Nutrichef 48 Oven with AirFryer Attachment

The Nutrichef 485 comes with a secret weapon.  Not much is said about it in the Advertising publicity or in the video. In fact, the video shows the unit with a totally different fitting.  Its the Air Fryer Attachment! And this will make the difference between a good useful kitchen gadget and a Great one!  … Read more

Sanhoya Hinged Lid Convection Oven with Water Spray

Sanhoya Safety & Features The Sanhoya is one of the few cookers I have reviewed on the US side, that has the hinged lid for safety. It’s so easy to raise the lid to reposition or reload the contents.  This is especially important if the cook is elderly or infirm. The older design Halogen cookers … Read more