Air Fryer Vs Halogen Oven: Which is the Ultimate Appliance

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without some kind of appliance that makes cooking easier and more efficient. Two such appliances that have been very popular in recent years are halogen ovens and Airfryers. In short the answer to Which is Better? is it depends on your cooking style and how many you … Read more

Cook from Frozen with the Halogen Oven

Cook from Frozen with the Halogen Oven?  I can hear all those professional cooks squirming and with good reason. If you’ve ever produced a dish still frozen in the middle, after the proper cooking time, you will know how difficult it is to judge with a microwave. I’ve even had it served up in a fancy French restaurant. Oh  the fuss that caused !

The Halogen Cooker though is very very good at circulating the hot air,

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Find Out Which Halogen Cooker was Top Rated in Review

Our Review pages give the findings of our tests, in which we examined the products for quality and features rating on…

  • Value
  • Performance
  • Included extras
  • Potential Problems

We gave the full specifications when available ( there were some differences noticed between the sellers spec and the manufacturers data)

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