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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if is there anyway to buy the Andrew James hinged halogen oven in the year of 2021? Was searching online and trying to deliver to Singapore, thanks for your prompt reply ??

  2. I have one of your Andrew James digital halogen ovens and the timer and temperature are very temperamental now after 5 years of use so wanting to buy a new one.
    Could you tell me the price and when they may be back in stock please

  3. Hi I’ve had my halo for about 4 years and hardly used it so my kitchen is getting ripped out so I got it out to use to cook food and it makes a loud noise it sounds like the fan and I have to turn it off just because it sounds like its going to blow up ,can you help please

    • If you have a handyman I would guess it’s the motor, it is very easy to replace in most Hal ovens, try these for spares: First4Spares,, , be sure to note the EXACT model number when ordering.

  4. Hi ,I am very frustrated that I can’t get on to your site to buy a 1400watt hinged halogen oven so can you contact me about this .I have severe arthritis and so I need a hinged one because I cannot lift heavy items .

  5. looking to replace my visi cook air chef. mine the timer etc on the lid not working as lid had been let down hard and broke. are they still available and how to obtain one. thank you

  6. Hi there…I have a problem shoot issue err that’s a bit embarrassing…as I bought my halogen oven second hand…it didn’t come with much info so I thought the solid baking tray was meant to go directly on the bottom…and now after successfully cooking with it that way…I now can’t get it out…as the water from washing it has a big air bubble which has suctioned it onto the bottom…I’ve tried wiggling it, not much to’s a tight fit, re-washing it, turning it over and gently dropping the glass oven upside down onto a firm rug, tried using a strong magnet to help pull it up, and so nothing I’ve tried has worked…the amount of water and air bubble remains the same…even soaking it and trying to wiggle the air pocket out…agghhh I really don’t know what to do now? Can you please help on this one?

    • Well…. this worked once for me, in a similar situation
      Put hot water in the sink
      Place the glass bowl in the sink
      Put ice and cold water in the tray
      The metal will shrink and glass expand, that’s the theory anyway, do let me know how it goes


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