Richard Ehrlich 80 recipes for your Halogen Oven

Not being an expert cook and not wanting to impress or astound my guests, I just wanted a book which would give me basic recipes, but specifically for the Halogen, since I got my Halogen, I have been experimenting and relying on the few recipes I could find online.

Richard Ehrlich has done a good job, in presenting his 80 recipes simply and understandably, sometimes with a little humour, the photography is outstanding. The book is well organised, in groups by major ingredients.

I totally recommend this as a first book, to go with your Halogen Oven, I’m about 3/4 of the way through trying the recipes in this book and so far ….. 100% success. So if you have sent your teenager off to Uni, or are wondering what to get a ‘difficult’ relative for their birthday, how about a Halogen Cooker together with Richard Ehrlichs excellent book…..

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