Secura Digital 798DH

The Secura Digital Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Oven model 798DH is part of the current range from Secura and is a very good offer which  includes the extender ring, (taking the capacity to 17 liters), the Tongs and the cooking racks.

This unit scores on a few important points, over the competition:

  • Safety
  • Variable Fan speed
  • Detachable power cord




For anyone not in full physical health, the Secura has the great safety benefit of a hinged lid ( the lid has the cooking element in it) so avoiding having to lift a heavy, very hot and delicate oven top usually on to a wire stand, which has been known to skid all over the work surface !  The very last thing you want is to drop this as the heating element may be damaged. It will stay in the upright position. Having a detachable cord is useful, if your kitchen countertop only has a few sockets, you can move it around when you are preparing and loading the food.



Digital Control

The other big difference on this unit is the timer and heating controls are digital, although most things digital are certainly more accurate, as a cook and not a geek I can’t say that this is any great bonus, in fact the adjustments actually need more concentration, especially as the led text display is so small! Simple timer and temperature knobs can’t be beaten for easy use. Thoughtfully Secura have covered the buttons of the control panel with a plastic sheet, so no grime can accumulate there.

Variable Fan Speed

The Secura has one more control than usual, the airflow ( fan speed ) can be varied High Med or Low, which is useful to increase the efficiency by setting the air flow higher, if the cooker is fairly full or where the food being prepared needs attention to cook evenly all over, like chicken.

Secura 798DH recipe and tips  FREE DOWNLOAD

Feedback about the results when cooking with the Secura, from customers buying this unit is very favorable, the one feature mentioned above all others is how convenient the hinged lid is, as I said earlier. Some commented that the element was not available, but it is available and from Amazon ( of course! )

What Actual Buyers of the Secura Thought

 this oven performs even better than my old ones. It’s more convenient to use with the hinged arm oven top, and the cord is detachable, my old Nuwave and Flavorwave oven don’t have a detachable cord, so when you lift the oven’s head, you need to hold and drag the cord with you.

 Meats & fish are very moist and tender inside–better than I have been able to produce by other methods of home cooking.

*I like the design because the top flips up and will stay in that position. Competing products that I have tried require one to lift the hot cover up and over the food, and put it…somewhere

 I did use it to cook a 15 pound turkey for Thanksgiving and it fit nicely. It took about 3 1/2 hours to cook and was very moist.

Overall a  superb cooker, the hinged lid is a great advantage, the price is high, but it had the best , safest and most practical features. We rate the Secura 9/10











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  1. Thank you so much! I have been looking online all day long on these halogen ovens and couldn’t decide which to go with. Your website helped me decide on the no. 1 pick, the Secura Digital 798DH. A bit more than the Fagor (my 2nd choice), but I believe it will be worth the extra for what you get with it. Thanks again for helping me finally decide.


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