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Here is a very useful guide, when you are getting to know your way around the Halogen Cooker use these as a starting point ( courtesy of Cook Shop )

cook times

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  1. Can you give me a little more information on cooing times as o howling to cook with an average weight as I have just got a halogen oven

    Thank you


    • Anything you can use in a conventional oven, you can use in a Halogen Oven. If you are adapting a recipe written for a conventional oven, try initially reducing the cooking time by 20% and the heat by 30%, adjusting your settings depending on results, the Halogen cooks much faster than other types of cooker

    • Hi John, For the best roast potatoes, try some or all of these tips:
      peel and cut in half along long side, try to use only medium size potatoes, par boil for 5 to 10 minutes first ( or give them a quick blast in the microwave for 5 mins) depending on size, dry off then make one, or a couple of slits ( with larger pots ) down one side with a sharp knife, about 1/2 the depth of the potato. Place in a roasting tin on the lower rack, try pouring melted goose fat all over for the best results, or olive oil also does great roasties, add salt n pepper to taste. Cook for 20 mins at 250 deg C, then reduce to 220 deg, for a further 40 mins turn all the potatoes regularly

  2. Question rather than Comment;
    In the list of foods above you use names rather than weights, for example your size of whole chicken sa\y only “medium,” Is this medium small or medium large? I am cooking a chicken on Christmas Day that weighs 2.1 Kilos and cannot find any relevant time or temperature to use as guidance. Please help if you can.
    B J Owens

    • Give a 2 to 2.5 kg bird about a hour at 190 degrees, turning half way through and then test every 10 minutes once its golden brown,to see that the juices are running clear when pierced with a skewer. Chickens do vary and my Andrew James Halogen is very quick compared to my previous model, there is really no substitute for experience gained with trial and error i’m afraid. So don’t experiment on Christmas day !
      Always leave room for the air to circulate, most of the failures where food isn’t cooked properly is due to the hot air not being able to get round all sides. When its done properly , the Halogen is unbeatably quick.

  3. Hi Just got cooker for xmas. Just cook some bacon for 12mins on top rack for sandwich, Bacon just aired when eating. Tested oven with a oven temp gauge, it took30mins to reach 200c and wouldn’t go above 205c is the oven faulty do you think?

  4. I have just received my oven and I was wondering…it says TURN every so many minutes. Does this not mean that crackling on pork, skin on chicken, doesn’t go crispy? I see that alot of people say it is trial and error, but I presume as previous post says, 20% reduction in normal cooking time/30% temp works? Can anyone clarify?

    • To make the skin a bit more crisp, turn once during the cooking time. Make the last 60% of the time , the normal way up ( breast up ) and you can try turning up the power about 10% for the last quarter of the total time. This will vary with the size of the bird, but the great thing about these ovens is you can easily see what progress is being made and adjust it , to exactly how you like it.

      • Buy a chicken in a bag, so you cook it in the bag…the skin is beautiful, trial and era …today I shall be cooking a £45 piece of sirloin for 13 folk…. never done it before…wish me luck! Merry Christmas to you

  5. I am about to purchase my first cooker. I see you talk about turning the item you are cooking. With that in mind should I get a hinged one or without. I must take into account I am 84 years old and would not burn myself.

  6. Hi
    I have brought some frozen chicken breast.The instructions state that i should cook for 45-50 minutes at gas mark 5 in a conventional oven.
    In your opinion what temp and and time should they be cooked in the halogen cooker.
    I am intending to put 4 chicken breast in.


    • I recently made some chicken in breadcrumb, so a similar heat and time setting would be ok
      Dust in flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs cooking on the lower wire rack for 20 minutes (fresh) or (25 min from frozen) at 400F ( 200C )

    • Often asked, no problem, anything you can put into a conventional oven, you can use in a Halogen oven.

    • Like all good chefs, you have to try it out, these things get better as you gain experience with any new appliance. Start from the instructions given on the packaging, typically ASDA and Marks & Spencer for example will give one time length for frozen and another from thawed. I would reduce the total length by say 10% for the Halogen Oven and check with a skewer or thermometer, to make certain the centre is cooked, before serving. This will vary a little from pie size, shape and quality of product, only experience will give the perfect time.

    • Yes, but you must ensure the hot air can circulate around the cooking food, otherwise the result will be very uneven. Promotions and Adverts for Halogens frequently show an over-full halogen bowl, with veg around a chicken, it Won’t work, as the hot air cannot get to all parts.

  7. Is it a general rule for how long you cook stuff I.e. if a beefburger says cook for 15 minutes what percentage of time do you reduce the cooking time by

  8. Can I use the cook in bags in the halogen oven. A lot of supermarkets are selling the chickens in these bags so you can put them straight in a conventional oven.
    Thank you

  9. Your cooking times for beef are way over the top! We like rare/ underdone beef if we were to cook for that long our joints would be ruined!

    • The guide is just that…. a guide. As with all new things, you have to get used to how your oven cooks and consider how you like your meat. With a little experimentation the Halogen will produce top class results every time.

  10. My team visicook air chef booklet page cooking hints and tips says baked potatoes 90′-120′ at temp 210, I notice your times are 25-40 at temp 200-250.which is the correct guide I should use please? I am new to halogen cooking

    J. Williams

    • A lot depends on size, I will try at 220 temperature and for a bit longer than the guides times for big, really tasty bakers, say 50 mins, but of course the Visicook is different to my Andrew James model, so have a go, keep checking and make a note for next time.

  11. First of all, I like my Nuwave oven very much. The plastic dome is light, so it is especially nice for those who may have trouble lifting. I use silicone baking dishes in the oven all the time. I put dishes on a wire grid that is made for pizza. The cookware is light and takes up less room than metal cookware, because it stacks nicely. I have used a countertop oven for over 20 years now and therefore use my electric oven for storage. In the last eleven years I have only used the conventional “oven” once and that was because I had never tried using the NuWave to make rice and my son was fixing dinner. I didn’t want to experiment with his stuff. I do find that it is great for two or three people, but not for cooking for a whole crowd, however, I have fixed a ham dinner for seven in the oven. I use it to bake breads and cakes, both from a mix and from scratch (even made a bundt cake and angel food cake in it), fix dinner (some from frozen)and even reheat leftovers. I find it a great addition for me. The only thing I would suggest is that you remove the lid to a flat surface (that has air circulation) not store it on the provided rack that stores it at a angle, because the domes seem to crack from the stress, but last longer if stored as they fit on the oven). This is about my 5th base unit in 20+ years. Using the grates is great for keeping your bacon from curling. I sandwich my bacon between two grates. Also the clean up of the unit is great, because food particles on the cooking surfaces are not “baked” and “caked” on.

    • Hi Susy,
      Great to hear from you, I agree, the Nuwave is a fantastic machine. Good to see there is some manufacturer support too, over such a long period

  12. Had 3 halajons. Stanjames one using now. The best. My personal opinion there useless at cooking joints of meat. Example pork joint many different settings. Nowhere near tender. I’ve watched ideal world. Freview. For years. Using halogen cooking. Perfect. Tender every time all joints of meat. Like to know there secret. Done pork joints on 180. And. 200.

    • Cooking in a halogen, provided you leave room around the meat for the hot air, is very similar to a fan assisted oven, but quicker.
      NOT ALL HALOGENS ARE EQUAL. You really have to use trial and error to gauge the power with a new Halogen oven, but once you get it right and note the settings and time, there is nothing to compare, it does Chicken Pork and Beef perfectly, tender and moist. For those who like their beef slightly under, a you can get the Beef inside slightly pink with a little practice.

  13. Hi can you cook frozen beefburgers in halogen oven if how long for and what temperature please

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