Secura Halogen 777MH

The Secura turbo oven cooks food evenly and fast, saving time and energy costs. Very simple to operate just timer and heat dials to set. 11 liter capacity weighing 15 pounds and has a electrical spec of 1300watts. Comes complete with every accessory necessary including racks for cooking and lid rack, tongs and extender ring, taking the overall capacity up to 16 liters. Most of the other cookers in the review had a 17 liter capacity with the ring in place and 12 liter without.

Customer feedback revealed two serious flaws, the halogen lamp burnt out at around the guarantee period in several cases, which is poor value for money and worse, more than one review said the unit smoked or caught fire. Further searching in the feedback file showed several more electrical problems such as the power cord plug kept coming loose and sparking, another than flames came from the cord socket on the oven.

So a short review, despite a lot of customers praising the Secura cooking points highly, I have to rate the review 0/10 on safety grounds


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