Sharper Image 8217 Super Wave Oven

The Sharper Image 8217 Super Wave Oven uses Halogen technology to cook rapidly, with a powerful fan to distribute the hot air like a super fan assisted oven costing many times the price. Halogen cookers don’t need pre heating, the heat is available instantly. You can cook from frozen beef, chicken , pork without worrying if the center is raw !

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Ignore the manufacturers advertising picture by the way, Chicken should always be put on a rack to allow the hot air to circulate and cook the meat. I don’t know why they  insist on these misleading publicity shots!

Disappointingly the accessories that are bundled with the oven are few and don’t include any trays for cakes or steaming vegetables

  • recipe booklet
  • tongs
  • low rack
  • high rack
  • instruction manual
  • extender ring

however there is a good value kit available from Amazon


SharperImage 8217 manual

Overall Impression

Build quality was good. The fan was not excessively noisy. Food cooked in good time. The calibration of the heat setting was checked and found to be spot on. The unit has good safety features and could be taken from kitchen to table easily with the ‘stay cool’ side handles. Sadly there were a number of negative reviews, several commenting on the longevity, with the halogen lamp failing under warranty period

Buyers Say…

I have cooked steaks, pork chops, chicken pieces, cakes, a whole ham, frozen burritos, and a whole chicken and have no complaints! ”

does not burn what it is I am cooking; it does not fill my house with the smell of burning grease; it cooks very quickly and evenly; with no burnt-on grease (carbonized grease);
very easy to use;almost a “set-it-and-forget-it” cooking appliance;

Most of the time, the portions are too small to justify firing up the oven/range or to hop outside and clean then get the charcoal grill going. So, if I need to bake, broil, “grill”, or roast, I use our new Super Wave Oven. I like this appliance and use it more than I do our oven and the small convection toaster oven.

Our Review Rating

We gave the nicely built Sharper Image a score of 6/10, combining the price of the accessories with the main cooker unit made it not so good value when compared to the best in review.  Cooking results were great, with the menus tried being warmly greeted by the family testers. I tried bacon, a joint of pork from frozen and some cup cakes, the Sharper Image had no difficulty in producing top class results on all three.


The Sharper Image 8217






4 thoughts on “Sharper Image 8217 Super Wave Oven”

  1. Iown a Sharper image oven, but I have misplaced the manual that came with it. Where can I get another manual?

    • Hi Benjamin,
      It took me a while but i’ve now added the manual to the webpage for you to download.

  2. Tengo el horno se me dañó la parte de arriba el motor ventilador quisiera saber si hay la.tapa completa de repuesto

    • Unfortunately, I cannot see the Halogen on the site so unless your local repairer has spares, I would invest in a new model.
      The glass bowl may be the same size as other halogens and some manufacturers do sell new tops, but it would have to be an exact fit, to work correctly, so that is probably not a good idea.


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