Reviews of the Best Halogen Ovens in US and Uk

Our Review pages give the findings of our tests, in which we examined the products for quality and features rating on…

  • Value
  • Performance
  • Included extras
  • Potential Problems

We gave the full specifications when available ( there were some differences noticed between the sellers spec and the manufacturers data)

  • Capacity with and without extender ring
  • Electrical Wattage
  • What accessories are provided
  • Price – you can check the current price using the ads in the right hand sidebar on each page
  • Special features ( Hinged lid / Digital display )

and then the feedback summary from previous buyers. If there were many reviews noting the same or similar problems we have brought those out in each review.

Uk Winner… the Andrew James 12Litre Halogen


The brilliant Andrew James model with safe hinged lid, is available in three colours Red, White and Black. I particularly like Andrew James products ( see my in depth article about the company and its products )  they keep up with new technology, their after sales service is good , the halogen bulb in this model is part of the kit, a spare bulb with every order. The controls are digital and easy to see and adjust. A worthy winner !
Andrew James White

Andrew James Digital

New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock



Andrew James Black


New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock



Andrew James Red


New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock




The US Overall Winner – Morningware Halogen

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2 Responses to Find Out Which Halogen Cooker was Top Rated in Review

  • clive says:

    I couldn’t agree with the author more, I used one of these cookers for over 3 years abroad in a climate, where it was just too hot to consider even turning on a conventional oven, this was fantastic, allowed me to do all my traditional roast cooking and loads more besides, in the end it was my primary go to, cooking resource, honestly, forget pots and pans. The one thing not covered here, but big where I was, was cooking from frozen, yes they do that too, follow the instructions, and you can cook a full (cheap) frozen joint from your local supermarket, while its still frozen, I can’t count the number of times I did this, perfect result every time, from the cheapest cuts. Try it out for yourself, you’ll be hooked. I’m back in the UK and I’m off to buy my new one Today!!

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UK Winner – Andrew James
uk Read the full REVIEW and find out why the Andrew James Digital Halogen Cooker with its hinged top wipes the floor with the rest on Cooking, Safety, Guarantee, Included Accessories and Price ; Best Value Halogen Oven Andrew James
US Winner – Secura Digital
US-SecuraDigital798DH-150 Read the full REVIEW and find out why the Secura Digital Halogen Cooker is such a hot product - Top on Cooking, Guarantee, Included Accessories and Price
Andrew James- White
Andrew James Digital
New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock
Check Details or Buy Now
Andrew James Black
New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock
Check Details or Buy Now
Andrew James Red
New From: £49.99 GBP in Stock
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Latest News
The Halogen lamp is getting better.... Look out for news of the Nano Carbon type lamp. These will be coming onto the market and appearing in new models. Also as replacement types for some lamps. The big advantage is they are not quite as fragile, last up to 10 times as long and are instant heat, so even quicker to cook.
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